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Introducing the Geniuslink Facebook Community

We’re excited to announce our first step towards building a stronger and more connected Geniuslink Community! We’re still in the process of learning what makes a great community, so for now, we’re starting off small with a closed Facebook group we’re calling the Geniuslink Facebook Community.  (Pretty creative name right?)

This is a place for Geniuslink users to discuss best practices, ask and answer questions, request features, and share success stories with one another. We want our group to serve as a place of discussion and engagement between the Geniuslink Team and our users – allowing for affiliates, marketers, and creators to connect with each another and directly with the entire Geniuslink Team! Your feedback will help shape the future of this community, so let us know what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and what we can do to make your experience with Geniuslink as great as possible.

To help make our group an interesting place to hang out, we’ll be posting Q&A’s, polls, and answering FAQs, as well as updates about the service and our monthly blogs. We’ll also be holding the occasional community challenge for those of you who want a chance to win some account credit or free Geniuslink swag!

Let’s get the conversation started – we’d love it if you all introduced yourselves! We’ll be rewarding the first 100 people who answer our pinned post with some credit towards their Geniuslink account, and as we move forward we plan to continue rewarding helpful answers, comments, and posts with account credit! We hope that together we can add value to the community for everyone!

Join our community today!

We’ll see you there.