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Thrive Content Builder and Genius Link

Good news! Your favorite WordPress content builder now works seamlessly alongside our Amazon Link Engine plugin!

What was Happening?

It was brought to our attention earlier this fall that our Amazon Link Engine plugin (ALE), when used in combination with the very popular Thrive Content Builder plugin (TCB), was not behaving as expected. This resulted in a poor experience for some of our clients.

Our plugin is designed to insert a small snippet of Javascript into your web pages that automatically globalizes your links as soon as the page loads.  It’s also designed to easily be disabled at any time in order to change your links back to the original Amazon links. However, when used with the Thrive Content Builder, our globalized links were mysteriously overwriting the original links within our clients’ sites, even after the plugin was disabled and caches refreshed.  We immediately investigated the issue but had trouble getting to the bottom of why this was occurring.  

After emails back and forth with Thrive’s amazing support team and some additional help from our clients, we discovered that the Thrive Content Builder visual editor (their specialized editor) was loading the page and actually firing any Javascript within the page (including our Amazon Link Engine Plugin). This meant that when an Amazon Link Engine user was editing their page within the TCB visual editor, all of the links shown had been converted by our plugin. Thus, when the client made their changes and saved their work, Thrive was taking all of the HTML (including the original Amazon links, now converted by the ALE plugin into the links) and saving it to the client’s site. This, in turn, was permanently overwriting the raw Amazon URLs with our converted links in their database.  

This meant that if updates were made like disabling the plugin, updating affiliate parameters, or changing API keys, these links would not actually get updated as they were supposed to. This was because they had now been saved over the raw Amazon links instead of being automatically rebuilt every time the page was loaded.

The Fix!

Luckily, we were able to work closely with the Thrive team and create a work around for this so that our plugins would both work together seamlessly. We completed our final testing earlier this week, and have pushed the new update live to both of our WordPress Plugins as well as our Javascript snippet.  

This fix is designed to ensure that when the Thrive Content Builder visual editor is enabled within your browser, our plugin will not convert any of your Amazon links to globalized links. That way, when you save your content, your links will be saved as the original raw Amazon links as expected. However, when your customers visit your site from another country, our plugin will fire as soon as they load the page and convert the raw Amazon link to an intelligent link.  Any clicks will then be routed to the correct Amazon storefront with the Associate Tracking IDs you have entered into your Genius Link dashboard.

If you then decide to disable our Amazon Link Engine plugin for any reason, your links will simply go back to the original raw Amazon links.

Thank You!

We want to extend a huge thank you to the clients who brought this to our attention — especially to those who helped us get to the bottom of this. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was negatively impacted by this but thank you for your understanding and for working with us to get this resolved.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.