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GeoRiot Among Top 40 App Companies Of 2013

We’re proud to announce that GeoRiot has just been named one of Chocolate Labs’ Top 40 Apps Companies of 2013!

As many of our esteemed peers on this list could probably say about themselves, our company began with an idea for providing a service that would simplify and enhance some portion of the online experience. At GeoRiot, that goal has been to simplify affiliate marketing through a unified global linking platform.

We’re flattered to be included among such an eclectic group of thinkers that includes ad networks, developer tools, educational resources and audio and visual FX providers – both established and up and coming. We’re especially humbled to be the only affiliate service on the list.

Without further ado, we present to you The Top 40 App Companies of 2013. Check out the list and, if you happen to notice one, or several, of your favorite service providers on there, don’t be shy about telling them how much you love them. (Trust us, we all like compliments on our life’s passion.)