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GeoRiot API

Over the past few years our engineering team has worked tirelessly to provide awesome new features for you, our clients. Unfortunately, as any developer knows, it’s not always possible to build everything we want in-house. So instead, we decided to build something that will help you create your own tools to get the most out of our service. We’re proud to announce the first iteration of our GeoRiot API.

What is the GeoRiot API?

Developing your own application, website, or service? With the GeoRiot API, you can now integrate certain aspects of our service directly into your own development project! Create or manage links, add and edit groups, watch affiliate tags and more, straight from a simple API query. This gives you the power to utilize our backend Genius Links technology directly within your own project.

How Do I access the API?

To access the GeoRiot API, simply go to You will need the two API keys located under the “Account” tab in your GeoRiot dashboard. Paste both the Key and Secret codes into the API tool, and you will have full access to all of the GeoRiot features.

GeoRiot API Link List
GeoRiot API Link List

We can’t wait to see what you can create and how you will utilize the technology! If there’s anything we can do to help, or if there’s any additional functionality you’d like to see within the API, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Check out the GeoRiot API here.


Team GeoRiot