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GeoRiot Goes Geniuslink

I’m excited to share the next major milestone of a project we’ve been working on for the past 15 months: the introduction of Geniuslink.  

The shift to Geniuslink, from GeoRiot, is a refocus on the what our service has become, and the foundation we’ve built for making it even better.    

How we got here

  • It started last May when we acquired the “” domain.  
  • In July of 2014 we launched advanced targets: the ability to fully customize the behavior of your link by easily adding custom rules based on any combination of country, device, OS, and date of click.  These were the first footsteps out of the iTunes and Amazon affiliate link space where we had been laser focused since 2009.  
  • The next major steps came in late 2014 with our beta launch of integrated tracking and retargeting pixels, allowing you to target your audience to remarket to them for future promotions.  
  • Early spring of 2015 saw the pixeling going live along with opening our links, allowing for infinite combinations of advanced targeting and pixels so our clients could create the perfect link for every promotion.  
  • Today’s launch takes the focus off of our company name and puts it squarely on our flagship service, the incredibly powerful and super intelligent links, a marketer’s best friend.    
Isn't she pretty?
Isn’t she pretty?

Why we are here

Quite simply it’s from listening to you, our clients. You’ve helped us defeat geo-fragmentation, and continue to grow the ‘Riot to bigger and better things. But – with the growth, “GeoRiot” no longer embodied all of the value we bring to link management, it’s time to think bigger.

While we are extremely proud of the work we’ve done around the iTunes and Amazon ecosystems, and eager to continue fixing other broken ecosystems, we’ve been listening your stories about what did and didn’t work in your marketing campaigns.  We’ve chatted about how we can make your life easier and further empower your marketing.  

Those conversations have helped us evolve into the service that we are now, and with your help we’ll continue to evolve.  Your perspectives alert us to challenges with what marketing is today and the team has never been more excited to build better tools to turn those into opportunities for you tomorrow.

We hope you are excited about the new name, the website and most importantly what it means for all of us going forward.

As always, we love to hear your questions / comments / concerns.  Remember, it’s these that will help us with the next chapter of Geniuslink.  


Thanks for your continued support!
-Jesse & Team Geniuslink.