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GeoRiot & MobileAppTracking Bring World Class Tracking to App Store Affiliate Program

At GeoRiot, we believe tracking and earning commissions are both important. We don’t see any reason why you should have to choose one over the other, which is why we’re stoked to announce that GeoRiot has teamed up with MobileAppTracking by HasOffers in a partnership that joins the two best-class services!

Historically, an app developer linking to their apps in the App Store, had two options with regards to leveraging its placement: enlist the help of a tracking service to capture valuable conversion metrics, or affiliate the link to create a additional revenue. But you couldn’t easily do both.

Until now.

By itself, the GeoRiot service provides app developers the ability to leverage each of the regional iTunes / App Store Affiliate Programs simultaneously to maximize revenue from an activity they are already doing – linking to their products in the App Store.

Now with MobileAppTracking integration, when the audience interacts with an advertisement, they are seamlessly redirected though the MobileAppTracking platform for attribution. The platform then redirects the user through to GeoRiot where our coding ninjary (yeah, we just made that word up) goes to work building and affiliating a local link for that user, based on their country. The user is then sent on their merry way without disruption, faster than the blink of an eye!

By joining forces with the folks at HasOffers, we’re combining their top-notch tracking capabilities with our industry-leading iTunes / App Store affiliate platform. The result is two world-class services working in tandem to offer you insightful metrics and affiliate commissions for every click.

Contact us or HasOffers today for a demo and more information.