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Sales & Commissions Reporting – Now For PHG!

In preparation for iTunes’ October 1st PHG switchover (from LinkShare and DGM), we have rolled out some exciting additions to GeoRiot’s PHG support.

You know all of those awesome sales & commission reports you rely on to give you up-to-the-minute stats on your international affiliate earnings?

Well, since rolling out support for PHG last month, our engineers have been hard at work incorporating the new platform into our sales and commission reporting, to provide you with all of those same great capabilities, now for your PHG affiliate campaigns.

Today, we’re happy to announce that PHG performance data is live!

If you haven’t played around with the sales and commission features yet, head to your GeoRiot dashboard to complete the quick setup process. (And while you’re in there, be sure to add your PHG affiliate token- if you haven’t already done so.)



To enable your PHG commission reporting, log into your dashboard. On the Reporting page, find 'Options' and click 'Download Report'.
To enable PHG commission reporting, log into your PHG dashboard. On the Reporting page,
find ‘Options’ and click ‘Download Report’.  Copy one of these links.
Next, jump into the GeoRiot dashboard, click to the Affiliate page, then click on the yellow “Enable commission reporting and follow the directions.