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GeoRiot Supports New BR and MX Programs!

As you may have heard two new affiliate programs were added to the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program today.

The new program in Mexico, managed by LinkShare and the program for Brazil, managed by TradeDoubler, are also both now supported by GeoRiot! You can add your tracking parameters for these two new programs the same as you have for the other existing programs — via your GeoRiot dashboard.

See below for information on how to sign up for the two new programs and please let us know if you run into any issues or have questions, comments or concerns.

Thanks, as always, for your support!
– The GeoRiot Team

    To sign up for the Mexico program follow these steps:

  • Login to LinkShare
  • Click on Programs
  • Go to the search box on the far right-hand side of the page
  • Search for “iTunes”
  • In the results, you should see the three different programs that LinkShare supports; Canada, US and now Mexico.
  • Click the “Apply” button for the MX program.

It could take a day or two to get approved for the program, but once you do log back into LinkShare and generate a sample link with the Link Maker tool from your new MX iTunes / App Store account and add those parameters to your GeoRiot dashboard. Within 15 minutes our system will start serving your affiliate tracking parameters to your Mexico based traffic.

To sign up for Brazil you need to follow the steps below. Please note that unlike the other programs in Europe, a single EU based account will not work to earn you commission in Brazil. You will need an additional account, specifically for Brazil.

    1. First, you need to set up your account for Brazil:

  • Login to TradeDoubler.
  • Click on “Account”
  • Click on “Countries”
  • Check the box next to Brazil.
    2. Next, you need to create a “Site” for Brazil:

  • Navigate back to the main view in TradeDoubler dashboard.
  • Click “+Add Site” button on the bottom right-hand side of the page
  • Add the relevant information but be sure to select “Brazil” from the country drop down and put “(BR)” in the title of your site.
  • You will now have to verify your site. There are two options that TradeDoubler allows to do this.
    3. After your site has been verified, you will need to apply for the Brazil program

  • Back at the main page in the TradeDoubler dashboard click on “Advertisers” then “Search for Affiliate Programs”
  • In the search box put “iTunes” and from the website name drop down select your “(BR)” named site. Click search.
  • From the results you will see the “iTunes, App Store, Mac App Store and iBookStore Affiliate Program (BR)” listed.
  • On the right-hand side of the results, you have the option to apply. Click on the button, and wait.

While TradeDoubler mentions that you can still use a program while it’s under consideration this isn’t true (in our preliminary testing) for the Brazil program. It appears that you need to be approved before you can start sending clicks through.

Once you are approved for the Brazil program you will need to navigate through the TradeDoubler dashboard to the Brazil program and create a test link with the Link Maker tool and add it to the GeoRiot dashboard. Again, please note that your TradeDoubler/Brazil “A” and “P” values are very specific and should be the only ones used for the Brazil program.