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Happy Anniversary, TapSense!

iOS Entrepreneur, Giacomo Balli and Director of Operations at Zillow, Colleen Corgan stop for a picture with GeoRiot's Joanna McGuire in front of Infusion Loung at last night's TapSense party
Giacomo Balli, iOS Entrepreneur (, and Colleen Corgan, Operations at HotPads, stop for a picture with GeoRiot’s Joanna McGuire in front of Infusion Lounge at last night’s TapSense party

We had a great time “geeking” with our mobile marketing peers at the TapSense two-year anniversary party in SF last night. It’s always inspiring to hang out with people who are as passionate about mobile apps and tracking as we are, and TapSense is certainly making big strides in the “mobile revolution”.

In the two years since they arrived on the scene, TapSense has made a big impact on the way marketers utilize and interact with their data and have garnered a pretty impressive following by adding names like TinyCo, Pocket Gems and Poshmark to their client list.

If we didn’t get a chance to chat with you personally last night, drop us a line so we can do so, and once again, congratulations to the entire TapSense team!