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Harness the Power of Every Click with Geniuslink

Our digital world is crowded with more products, ads, and services than we can get our heads around. Ideas and information zoom by at staggering rates.

This wealth of knowledge can be exciting and empowering, and there’s also the very real downside for businesses that find it hard to be heard above the din. In today’s world, each click counts.

Fortunately, complex problems give rise to elegant solutions. That’s why we’ve integrated retargeting pixels (which are also called tracking pixels) into our intelligent links. We help you unlock the potential of every link.

How do we unleash the retargeting potential of links?

Once a customer has visited your website or clicked a link with your tracking pixel, they’ll be aggregated into lists that you can tap into later, even if you aren’t directing traffic to your site.  

But the power of tracking pixels extends farther still:

  • You can add clicks to specific retargeting pools for highly-focused ad campaigns.
    Say you’ve promoted a book on Amazon using an intelligent link from your Facebook account. Whenever someone clicks that link, they’ll be added to a tailored audience. When your next must-read novel is released, you’ll be able to advertise it directly to everyone who showed interest in your previous classic, increasing the likelihood that your ad campaign will be successful.
  • You’ll be able to track off-site clicks.
    The beauty of tracking pixels is that you don’t need to own the backend in order to track a customer. This means that wherever your pixeled link appears – Amazon, iTunes, Twitter – customers who click that link will still be added to your own tailored audience report so that you can advertise to them in the future.
  • By adding a retargeting pixel, marketers can link wherever they need to and you’ll still benefit.
    Another bonus of the ability to track off-site clicks is that your marketing team is now free to link to the most relevant content anywhere on the web. You can feel good about sending visitors to third-party articles while still retaining future targeting value.


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We can see you’re psyched about tracking pixels! Here’s how to set them up as part of your intelligent links:

  1. Go to the Account page. (Note: You can also add tracking pixels from the links page when building an intelligent link.)
  2. Click the “Add a new pixel” button.
  3. Choose a name for your pixel.
  4. Paste the JavaScript Tracking code into the space provided and hit “Add this Pixel”.
  5. Once saved, your pixel will be ready and waiting whenever you create or edit links.

For more detailed information, check out our knowledge base article and our previous blog post with more examples of the intelligence of tracking pixels. We also have step-by-step guides for setting up retargeting with Facebook pixels and Google Adwords Remarketing Pixels.

Easily add retargeting and tracking pixels to your links.
Add retargeting pixels to your links to capture warm leads. Use as many pixels as you’d like for each link.

Targeting pixels are just one component in the Genius Link suite of intelligent link tools. Here is a sampling of more:

Dynamic Link Destinations
Create a customized experience for each and every person who clicks based on their wants, needs, history, language, and location.

User-Picked Destinations
Offer anyone who clicks your links the choice of a destination that suits them the best to optimize their experience, create loyalty, and help you make a sale.

A/B Testing
With a single link, you can test separate destination pages to determine what content resonates, what your customers really need, and serve up the best experience possible.

Contact us today to set up a demo and harness the power of each and every click. We’ll walk through each step with you and give you 14 days for free, with retargeting, dynamic destinations, A/B testing and leading analytics that will turbocharge your marketing!

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