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Improved Translation for iTunes TV & Movie Links

Earning affiliate commissions from promoting TV shows and movies to a global audience isn’t an easy task. While there are 110 international iTunes storefronts that support movies and videos, there are only six that support TV seasons and individual episodes. Since there’s such a small number for popular TV content, it’s extremely important to make sure every one of those clicks points your traffic to the item they are interested in.

On top of the normal geo-fragmentation problem of a single item using unique IDs in different storefronts, there is also the issue of movies and TV shows being translated into different languages or having different country-specific titles.  Unlike music and most apps, this adds another level of complexity in our efforts to localize a product’s link for every click.

Working hands on with our clients, we were able to recognize this issue and have been working on optimizing the algorithms and logic to improve the rules we use to translate TV episode, TV season, movie, and video links.

From the changes we’ve made so far, we’ve seen improvements in commissions of up to 3x among our clients. The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger on your end to make that happen – just sit back and watch.

While we’ve taken a great step forward, an algorithm can always be optimized further.  If you notice any odd behavior with your links, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know! With your help, we can continue to make it even better.