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Improving the Links Page: Faster Results and New Search, Sort, and Filtering

Organizing and managing your links is essential if you’re looking to analyze your marketing efforts, measure growth, or even find that lost “Dyson Cyclone vacuum” link you built two years ago! While staying organized can be a challenge, it is our never-ending quest to make managing your links and marketing campaigns even easier. Which is why we are excited to release some brand new enhancements to the search functionality on your links list!

Our engineers have been hard at work revamping the entire links list, as well as adding some much-needed enhancements to the search functionality to make it easier than ever to filter, sort, and search through all of the links in your account.

The most significant change lies under the hood of the links page, with a ton of new enhancements that significantly improve the performance and responsiveness of the links page as a whole, especially for those of you with a ton of links! This hot rod is faster than ever and ready to handle as many links as you can throw at it! 

Aside from the general enhancements and speed boost of the page in general, the search, sort, and filter functionality has also received a major overhaul, allowing you to easily search through any number of links to quickly find that one missing link! By merely clicking the search icon above your links, you can now easily search across all of your links, using keywords in the title, metadata of your link or even the vanity code itself. 

Geniuslink Dashboard, your links
Additionally, if you’ve leveraged notes to leave reminders for your team or tracking tags to segment marketing efforts, you’ll appreciate our updated search field. You can now search by Notes or Tracking Tags with a simple search. You can now search using any specific keywords in these as well.

Want to take a trip down memory lane and see how much your affiliate business has grown, or check out your all-star links? When performing a search query, it’s also possible to sort the links returned by date created and number of clicks, both ascending and descending. And, you can even designate whether you’d like your archived links are included in your search results. 

If you’re hungry for more recommendations for keeping your links organized, make sure to check out our article on Organization, Tracking & Granularity in Reporting for some actionable tips for getting the most out of Geniuslink!