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Influencer Marketing and Intelligent Links


The evolution of our online universe has led to an inevitable rise of individuals known as “influencers.” These influencers are people who have been able to create an online audience within certain categories through activities like blogging, creating YouTube videos, and leveraging any and all social and digital channels at their disposal to connect with certain types of like-minded people. Now that the platform of mass communication is available to virtually anyone, everyone is their own media company.

Influencers range from Hollywood icons to niche bloggers and instagram celebrities, and their emergence has created a new medium for brands to connect with their consumers known as Influencer Marketing.

Why are Influencers Valuable to Brands?

Since these people have built a trusting audience that is typically centered around a specific niche or category of interest, they are the perfect vehicle for brands to directly connect with the right people who may be interested in their products or services.

For example, a personal finance app like Mint or EveryDollar might look for personal finance bloggers with a large and trusted audience as a great medium to build brand awareness and acquire more users. A company selling computer gaming products might look to popular gamers in the eSports space to promote their products to people interested in online gaming. One tweet, Facebook post, or blog article promoting a certain product or service can drive significant results for a brand when it’s seen by a highly relevant audience.

Influencer marketing allows brands to connect with the right people, and allows influencers to earn revenue by promoting relevant products to their trusting audience.


The Problem Influencer Marketing Presents

Since brands are investing precious marketing dollars into these influencers with the objective of selling products, acquiring users, or building brand awareness, they need some way to measure if an influencer is actually driving any meaningful results.

This presents a unique challenge, as influencers are most effective at communicating with their audience via their own social and digital channels. For example, a personal finance blogger will be most effective in promoting a personal finance app if they can do it through their own blog or Twitter profile, as that is where they have built their audience.

Since interaction between the influencer and their audience is taking place on a 3rd party channel not controlled by the brand, tracking how effective an influencer is at promoting a brand’s message can be extremely challenging. How can a brand tell how many people actually interacted with a Tweet or Facebook post they’ve paid an influencer to promote?

albertbabycat doing some instagram influencer marketing for an Air Purifier
albertbabycat doing some Instagram influencer marketing promoting the Airmega Air Purifier

Tracking and Optimizing Influencer Performance Through Intelligent Links

This is where intelligent links come in. Nearly every piece of content an influencer shares with their audience contains a link. By providing influencers with trackable, dynamic links, they can monitor the performance of their influencers and see exactly how much an influencer’s audience is interacting with a particular social media or blog post. Regardless of where the link is published, a brand can track its performance with intelligent links.

Intelligent links allow brands to dig deeper into their influencer’s audience, tracking not only clicks, but geography, the devices they use, languages they speak, and much more.

Brands can even build remarketing pools from the clicks on these links, allowing them to directly target an influencer’s audience through Facebook or Twitter ads. This is extremely powerful as it allows a brand to build extremely targeted remarketing pools just by having an influencer use smarter links. An influencer can share content just as they normally would, and the brand can leverage the interaction with that content to serve highly relevant ads to an interested audience.


Influencer Marketing and Intelligent Links — The Perfect Combination

Influencer marketing is really just the practice of leveraging someone’s audience to get a brand’s message in front of the right people. Intelligent links provide brands with the tools to get the most out of these relationships by providing a medium to track, optimize, and understand how that audience is benefiting the brand.

Stay tuned as we’ll be providing some real-life use cases of how brands are using Geniuslink to get the most out of their influencer marketing relationships. If you’re using any creative tactics to to better understand the performance of your influencer marketing tactics, we’d love to hear about in in the comments below.



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