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New Sales & Commission Reporting

What started out of curiosity quickly became a nightly GeoRiot ritual. Every evening, when the coding came to a natural break and the inbox took a breather, we’d apprehensively log into the various affiliate networks to check in on our own commissions. The process was always slow (waiting for reports to load) and tedious (converting multiple currencies and taking varying time zones into account).

It was on one particularly long night of slow-loading reports, that we got to talking.

You see, click trends and geographic distribution reports are important, but they only tell one part of the affiliate-linking story. The sales and commissions that result from those clicks are equally as important, if not more.

From day one, we’ve strived to be a company that challenges itself to continuously improve our service in order to provide clients with the very best tools and information available to maximize their international affiliate commissions. Being able to access and aggregate data from each of the affiliate networks in one central location is something we’ve been looking forward to doing for a long time – and we are eager to share it with you.
So without further ado, say hello to an updated dashboard chalk full of sleek and sexy reports! Say goodbye to the complications associated with logging into multiple dashboards, slow loading reports, different currencies, time zones, and date formats.

We’re proud to announce that GeoRiot now supports, in public beta, the ingestion, aggregation and reporting of your sales and commission data from LinkShare, TradeDoubler, DGM Performance and LinkShare Japan to provide you with a single, consolidated look at the metrics that matter to you.

“We’re very happy to see this feature,” said Arnold Kim, Co-Founder of TouchArcade and AppShopper. “It’s been something I’ve long wanted.”

With this push, your dashboard now includes reports and graphs on daily sales and commissions; daily and monthly commissions broken down by affiliate program; and pie / donut charts for commissions by program, affiliate network and tracking tag. Like all of our graphs, you can manipulate the results to define the time period, quickly zoom in and out, break down the reports to get the info you want, view the raw data, and dive into more granular data with tooltips.

To begin utilizing these additional reports, you’ll need to initiate an import of sales and commission data from your affiliates networks.. Simply log into the GeoRiot dashboard, click Account > Manage Affiliate Network Import Accounts, and follow the instructions we’ve provided for linking your GeoRiot account with each of the affiliate networks. After an import of your historical sales and commissions, we’ll queue up a daily import to ensure you always have up-to-date information easily available.

Oh, and while we were working on these new reports, we did some substantial back-end renovations to reduce load times for the dashboard. This means that all of your new data, charts and graphs will load even faster, which all goes back to our original goal of providing you with the best, most comprehensive and complete toolset available to help you maximize your affiliate marketing efforts.

Pretty cool, huh? We thought so too.

We hope you find these new reports useful and we can’t wait to hear what you think:, @GeoRiotdotcom or