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Introducing: Amazon Sales & Commission Reports

Account Performance Chart
When we rolled out GeoRiot support for Amazon back in June, we hinted at the fact that we’d be adding new features and capabilities to the platform. In the months since then, we’ve added features to the dashboard that make creating and managing your links with Amazon and iTunes easier and more efficient, now we’re proud to tell you about a feature that’s going to make your lives post-link creation a whole lot better: Amazon Sales & Commission Reporting.

We’ve consolidated the earnings reports Amazon offers to affiliates in its many Associates program, and enabled them to be reflected right from the comfort of your GeoRiot dashboard. No more jumping between Amazon’s localized interfaces and GeoRiot to view your stats (while doing currency conversion math in your head), now all of your affiliate metrics can live happily together under one roof.

To get started, head to your dashboard, click the “Affiliate” tab, and scroll down to the section for Amazon. Where each supported Associates Program has it’s own line, you’ll see an alert highlighted in yellow that reads “Enable commission reporting”.

Click the alert and you’ll prompt a pop-up that asks for your Amazon username and password. Entering this info allows GeoRiot to safely import your existing sales / commissions figures and pull them into your dashboard.

Voila! Two steps are all it takes for you to complete the process, the rest is on us.

Account Performance Chart
Enable GeoRiot to pull your sales and commission data by country right in your dashboard.

After completing the above, GeoRiot will start importing your data.  Give us a little head start (it can take a couple of hours to grab lots of historical data!) then you’ll see your Amazon commissions reflected in the Account Performance report on the Home page of the dashboard.  For a deeper look toggle the Advertiser (next to the date picker) to Amazon if you use GeoRiot for both iTunes and Amazon.  (Please note that your Amazon commissions are not currently included in the financial reports from the Reports page.)

We hope this and our other new features serve you and your affiliate linking well this coming holiday season and beyond. We value and rely on client feedback so please don’t be shy about letting us know what features you’d like to see, and how the existing capabilities are serving you, or could better serve you.