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Introducing Andy, Natasha and Kyle!

In the past few months the Geniuslink team has grown, yet again! We’d like give a warm welcome and introduce you to, Andy, Natasha, and Kyle! 

Take it away guys!


Hey folks, I’m Andy.

I signed on with Geniuslink in mid-December as a Master of Client Success.

I’m a Seattle native and the father of a toddler. Since the holidays I’ve spent a lot of time playing with a wooden train set.

I’m passionate about anything that brings people together. Things like food, storytelling, party games, shoot.. a campfire! Passionate about fire, that sounds good.

I can be found floating around our various support channels, showing our clients (You!) the ropes and helping them (You!) get the most out of our service. In time, I’ll also be maintaining our Knowledge Base.

I’m excited to be here, there’s a really cozy family energy in the office and I’m eager to build upon my abilities as a guide and pick up as much technical knowledge as I can along the way. Plus, I haven’t spent much time in this part of the city, so I’m happy to be exploring day by day.

Natasha’s up next! 


Hi peeps, I’m Natasha.

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and I came to the United States almost five years ago to attend Seattle University. Since October 2017, I’ve been the one and only (for now!) Test Automation Engineer at Geniuslink. Coming from an Electrical Engineering background, being a test engineer definitely comes with many challenges.

My main responsibility is to create and execute both manual and automated test cases. In other words, I listen to all your concerns and ideas and create tests based on those to ensure customer satisfaction. Aside from that, I collect test and bug metrics for capacity planning and reporting purposes, and I assign particular monthly chores for every developer.  Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot since I got here and most importantly, I’m having so much fun!

Geniuslink is in the process of becoming a truly Agile team, and I’m in charge to ensure we keep moving in that direction. I can’t wait to see how much more Geniuslink will grow as a team and as a company and to discover what other fun stuff I can do here.

And last, here’s Kyle!


Hi there,

I’m Kyle, an intern in frontend development at Geniuslink. I grew up in the Palm Springs of Washington (Yakima)–if you’ve been there it was probably for wine or high school soccer. I moved to Seattle in late 2013 to attend The University of Washington. I connected with Geniuslink in December of 2016, before graduating in Spring of 2017, by doing freelance analytics for them – side income that helped me upgrade from Top Ramen to the fancy Udon packets at Uwajimaya. I love coding and spend a lot of my free time doing it, I’m currently building a DropBox-like app for your memes. The rest of my free time is spent reading–mostly popcorn sci-fi and fantasy (if you haven’t read the Dresden Files, I recommend you start) and working on my Steam stats. In the next 10 years, I’d like to start a software company to teach languages (the human kind).

Here are some fun facts:

I used to be a DJ at a place called Skateland.

I have a certificate in Digital Film Production.

I’m going to buy a Triumph Scrambler by 2019. 

We couldn’t be more excited for Andy, Natasha, and Kyle to join the team!