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Introducing the iTunes Link Engine

GeoRiot is proud to introduce the all new iTunes Link Engine WordPress plugin! Improve your user’s experience by turning the iTunes links on your WordPress site into globally aware affiliate links.

What is the iTunes Link Engine (iLE)?

The iLE is GeoRiot’s newest addition in our suite of tools to help you earn more affiliate commissions through guaranteeing a better experience for your international users. Since the iTunes “store” is actually over 150 different international storefronts, and users can only purchase in the storefront where their credit card is registered, this free plugin is the simplest way to ensure that each user ends up in the place they’re most likely to purchase. The iLE automatically translates and localizes your raw iTunes links so that each click is given the best experience possible.

What does this mean?

This means no more of this:

By localizing your links, you no longer have to worry about your international users receiving error messages or being sent to a non-existent item. Your users go to the right item in the right storefront. Best of all, the iLE requires no extra work for you—just continue with your normal WordPress workflow. Your links are automatically localized and affiliated, making the purchase easier for your user, and increasing your commission potential!

How is GeoRiot’s iLE plugin different?

Most link localization plugins only translate a link for an international click when the same ADAM (Apple Digital Asset Management) ID exists in both storefronts. However, the ADAM ID is not guaranteed to be the same across countries, and a click can result in this:


The iLE plugin uses GeoRiot’s five-step patented algorithm to ensure that the user is sent to the most relevant item, and the sale can go through as seamlessly as possible. Did we mention that this requires no extra work from you?

How do I get it?

Click here to learn more and download the iTunes Link Engine.

Use the free plugin just to provide an excellent international user experience, or connect to your GeoRiot account to earn affiliate commissions. Just connect the plugin, add your PHG affiliate ID, and voila! Your affiliate ID will automatically be added to each iTunes link within your WordPress site. Learn more.

Check out the new plugin and let us know what you think. Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Enjoy!



Team GeoRiot