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Introducing the Newest Members of the Team

Geniuslink is growing!  Today we wanted to take a quick break from our regularly scheduled blog to introduce the newest members of our team!  We have three new Geniuses onboard! 

We’ll start by introducing Manuel Messon.  Manuel has come to us from (actually) sunny Puerto Rico, specifically San Juan, to work in front-end development.  We’ll hand it over to Manuel!

Hey there!

My name is Manuel.  I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Fun fact about me:  I used to have hair, but now I don’t.  I work on front-end development here at Geniuslink, and with knockout (yeah, we are that hipster here).

When I’m not working on front-end development, I pride myself in being the office’s professional snack eater.  If you head to the snack cupboard and the granola bars are gone, it was probably me (#sorrynotsorry).  I also take immense pride in ordering level-five spiciness when the team goes to Thai Food for lunch because I’m the only one that can handle that kind of heat on the regular.

I look forward to continuing to innovate our tool with crazy new features!

Boom!  Boom! – Because one “boom” just isn’t enough.

– Manuel

Next, we have Adrian who joins the Geniuslink team from Montana (Our roots!) to help us out on the backend!  Without further adieu, Adrian!

Hey all, I’m Adrian.

I joined Geniuslink in May 2017 as a backend developer, and I am excited to be on a diverse and easy-going, but driven, team. I work on the service behind the scenes, which means developing features used by the dashboard and ensuring stability so that links go to the right place and your customers have a seamless experience.

I moved from Montana to Seattle, and I have a passion for social justice and technology. Out of the office, I train for half marathons and play piano from time to time.

My experience at Geniuslink has been very positive, and I look forward to gracing your dashboard with new features soon!

– Adrian

Lastly, me!

Hi there, I’m Meg!  I’m joining the Geniuslink team fresh out of the University of Montana!  When the opportunity presented itself to join fellow alumni in the Pacific Northwest, I jumped.  Now I’m here to take on the role of Marketing Manager.    This week marks a month for me here at Geniuslink.  In the past few weeks I’ve been getting to know the team, while jumping in and pitching stories to journalists, creating campaigns, tweeting, sharing, experimenting, and most of all, learning.

As the Marketing Manager, I’m excited to own our marketing funnel and get the word out about Geniuslink!  You’ll be hearing from me on the blog and anywhere else you may intersect with Geniuslink’s product, placement, price, and promotion.  As for a little background about myself,  I’m originally from the very Northwest tip of the Oregon Coast, specifically the Astoria/Warrenton area.  Some know it as ‘Goonieville’ (Never say die!).

I wake up every day so stoked that I get to come into the office to create killer content and campaigns and share with others the instrumental role that Geniuslink is playing in shaping the world of e-commerce.

Talk with you soon!

– Meg