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Introducing Retailer Specific Reporting

Over the past few months, we have been working steadily to add support for a bunch of new retailers as well as the affiliate programs to monetize them! This has been a big initiative for 2020 and we will be continuing to ramp up the addition of new retailers as we move into the new year as well.

However, as our list of supported retailers continued to grow, and we helped more and more of our clients diversify their revenue by offering product links to retailers outside of Amazon, we quickly realized that our dashboard reporting was missing a crucial component… reporting for each of those individual retailers!

Well, our engineers have been hard at work, and we are very excited to announce that you can now easily filter down all of your reporting metrics by simply selecting one of our supported retailers from the retailer dropdown list inside your dashboard! 

Performance Chart

Our detailed reporting metrics have always made it a breeze to dive in and learn more about who your audience is, where they are coming from, and what they prefer. However, as your audience grows and you continue to add more links to new retailers (made easy with our Choice Pages and Product Suggestions features!) to give your customers more choices to purchase from, it is more important than ever to begin looking deeper into what your unique audience prefers and how they are interacting with the products you promote. 

With the added ability to filter your metrics down based on the retailers you are promoting, you will be able to get a much more detailed analysis of who your customers are, what retailers they prefer, what devices they are using, what sites / referrers are driving the most traffic to a particular retailer, etc. Perhaps you discover that a large part of your B&H Photo traffic is actually coming from your YouTube channel because you mentioned a specific discount code, or that the majority of your European clicks are going to Amazon instead of Walmart because they have better shipping policies for overseas shoppers. 

No matter how you slice it, taking a look at your reporting metrics and dividing them up between each of the retailers you are promoting will really help you to ensure that you continue to deliver the best experience possible to your customers, by providing the right products to the right retailers. 

How to get started

Getting started is simple! 

But first… you need to make sure that you are promoting links across multiple retailers, to help diversify your affiliate revenues and give your customers the choice on where to purchase the products you are promoting. If you have not already begun promoting product links to multiple retailers, stop here, and go check out our Choice Pages and Product suggestions features to learn how to get started with providing your customers with the best experience possible! 

If you have already begun diversifying away from only promoting products on Amazon, that is fantastic, and you are already well on your way! 

Once you are ready to dig into your metrics and do some deep analysis of your retailers, simply navigate to the Homepage of your dashboard and select the “All Retailers” dropdown to the right of the “Performance report.” From here you can simply search and select from any of the retailers that we currently support in order to see all of the detailed metrics for each specific retailer. 

Once selected, all of the metrics in the “Performance report” section, as well as all of the individual mini-reports below, will be automatically filtered to show clicks for that specific retailer. This will allow you to see which links are driving the most clicks to that retailer, what referral sources are driving the highest number of clicks, which countries are sending the most clicks, and much more! 

Additionally, you can also filter down all of the metrics that we offer on the Reports tab inside your dashboard, which will allow you to export any of these metrics to do even more exploration on your own. 

Traffic options: All retailers

We are very excited to release this new functionality, and hope that it helps to give you even greater insights into your audience! As we continue to add more supported retailers, this list will continue to expand, so keep checking back in. And as always, let us know if there are any specific retailers that you would like to see added to help provide a better experience for your customers!