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Introducing User Choice Landing Pages

If you know anything about Geniuslink, you know our service helps you intelligently route every one of your customers to the place they’re most likely to purchase.

We have spent countless resources creating a massive series of algorithms to automagically find those routes so you don’t have to, as well as tools to enable you to create your own dynamic destinations for the storefronts we don’t have native support for.

However – both our algorithms and your advanced targets have one thing in common: we choose the best destination FOR the user. Sometimes, even in our combined infinite wisdom, we may not always guess right 100% of the time, and in those cases, it’s best to let the customer choose for themselves.

Geniuslink Landing Pages example

And now they can, with Geniuslink’s User Choice Landing Pages (a.k.a. Choice Pages). Built for those times where you’re not absolutely sure of the best place or there’s multiple places to send a user, allowing you to create a landing page to let them decide for themselves.

The landing pages also take advantage of our Advanced Targets, helping you take your routes one step further. So – if you want to show give your US visitors four different stores to choose from, take UK customers directly to a single store and split test your traffic from the Netherlands, you can with the same link!

You can also customize the wording and logos used on the landing pages, choose the call to action text, upload a custom logo for the product, and even change the default product title. The landing pages look snazzy on mobile, too.

Geniuslink Landing Page Creator

The Landing Pages are available on our Power Plan starting today, and can be found by clicking on the gear icon icon under a new Advanced Target and selecting “User Choice Landing Page.”

You can find out more through our Knowledge Base article, and can always contact us with any questions, comments, or feedback.


Happy Linking.

-Team Geniuslink