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An Interview With Isabella Garofanelli

Who are you and what are you currently working on?

I’m a content creator specializing in digital marketing and brand amplification. For the last four years, my niche was luxury travel but I’ve now expanded into lifestyle, wellness, and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on female empowerment.

Right now, since so much is closed down and travel is restricted, I’m working on taking my experience and memorializing them in the form of articles. I really want to share the learnings I’ve earned over the years and how my audience can benefit from them and avoid so many of the mistakes I’ve made.

I’m also working on small group tours for next year that will both educate and edify people where they broaden their minds with culture, sights, and deeper understanding of this industry of digital businesses.

How did you get started in affiliate marketing? What keeps you excited about it?

I started in affiliate marketing by accident really. I started out talking about places, products, and brands that I enjoy and supported and found that my voice “influenced” others. This led brands to reach out to me to ideate and engage with them. This in turn led to links, codes, and other affiliate marketing tools I use today. I’ve now expanded my affiliate marketing to my website and I’m constantly tweaking those to make sure I’m always maximizing my potential there.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a newbie affiliate marketer? And what is one piece of advice they should ignore?

Protect your brand. It’s really tempting to accept quick money from a brand or product especially when you’re just starting out. This can create a long lasting effect though on your brand. As an example, if you’re a travel blogger or travel is your niche, having a non-travel brand on your feed can confuse your audience and dilute your overall message.

What has been your favorite mistake? A mistake that in retrospect led to a great lesson and progress in your affiliate marketing?

I think one of my “favorite” mistakes was not having a backup plan when it came to some equipment I use during a trip. Specifically, I had a drone crash early on a trip and didn’t have another one. I mean, who travels with 2 drones? Well guess what? I do now…

Another mistake that helped in the long run was not understanding the client’s needs up front. I used to take engagements and “did my thing” creating content. I was burned by not having a clear understanding of what the client’s goals were until after I left the location (across the other side of the world), and there was no way to get what the client needed afterwards. This failure really taught me the hard way to work with clients early on and understand their goals and needs so that “my thing” is really “our thing” between the client and I.

What is one piece of software or a web service (besides Geniuslink) that allows you to be more effective as an affiliate marketer?

For me, I think a good project management software is key. I’ve tried a few including Trello, Asana, Clickup and others. I won’t say which one I use now since they can reach out to me and we can create a marketing project if they like (wink). Aside from that, I find that my analytics tools really help me figure out where to put my efforts. On the affiliate marketing side, I’ve used Convertkit, and Repost but I haven’t tried Geniuslink and I’ve heard some great things about it. Hey Geniuslink, hit me up and let’s talk.

How do you continue to educate yourself as an affiliate marketer? What are some of your favorite resources for learning?

I try to keep myself current and up to date by seeing what’s working for others. I look for reviews and new products too. There’s really nothing like a web search for “best affiliate marketing tools” and I look at a few at a time. I know it sounds overly simple, but it works for me.

If people wanted to connect with you, where should we point them to?

I would love people to reach me through my website so they can read my articles on travel and more and of course they can follow me on Instagram @isabella_garofanelli