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iTunes Adds 17 Countries, GeoRiot Has You Covered

GeoRiot users who have already added their PHG tokens should see the new countries in their dashboard very shortly. No additional action on your part is necessary to begin earning affiliate commission in these countries – you’re simply good to go!
Here are a few numbers that reflect the growth of the program to-date:
1-    The iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program now supports a total of 68 countries worldwide.
2-    Over the last month the program has grown by 50%, adding 23 countries.
3-    Of the 17 newest countries, 10 are on our list of the top 30 countries with the most clicks; three place in the top 20; and Saudi Arabia is #4.
It’s been a busy month with all of the recent updates and improvements within the iTunes affiliate ecosystem.  It’s also been exciting to see so many countries added to the affiliate program. For a complete list of the countries and media types inside the iTunes ecosystem, as well as listing of those supported by the iTunes affiliate program, visit GeoRiot’s interactive map