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iTunes Relative Conversion Score Updated

A little over a year ago, we released something for iTunes that we called the Relative Conversion Score. The RCS was a statistical calculation that took a number of different factors into account to determine the likelihood that a person ended up purchasing the item that you were promoting. Being huge nerds, we were incredibly excited about the statistical model that we came up to bring you RCS and we’ve heard that it’s helped close the attribution gap for a lot of our clients taking advantage of the iTunes affiliate program.

Well, today we’re even more excited to announce we’ve taken RCS and turned it into TCS, meaning we’re no longer showing you what we think turned into a sale but instead showing the percentage of clicks that actually led to a True Conversion!

Why TCS is possible.

How can we be so sure? Well a recent change in PHG made new data available to export. We now use this data, combined with the detailed information we compile per click and per link to create the TCS value.

If you’re creating any link to the iTunes storefront, you’ll now see the TCS column in the same place RCS used to live, and it’ll be a number between 0 and 100. This number represents the percentage of total clicks that ended up in a sale of the actual item you’re promoting, or it’s “Parent” item. Please note that an Apple Music signup doesn’t count as a conversion, only iTunes purchases. 

What do you mean by Parent?

Great question. Say you’re promoting an individual song, someone clicks on one of your links, then ends up buying the entire album (including the song you linked to). That’s also going to be considered a conversion because the original item was purchased – just with the added bonus of everything else on that album as well!

TCS will be available on all of the same reports RCS used to be (which is all of them for iTunes), and you’ll see the conversion number change for all clicks and purchases going forward. There’s nothing you’ll need to do on your end.

True Conversion Score Screenshot

Didn’t take advantage of RCS previously but want to jump on TCS? Good! Just make sure you have your iTunes Commission Reporting and Conversion Tracking enabled in your account.

There you have it – another step closer to closing the sales attribution loop through Geniuslink. As always, let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Team Geniuslink