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Keep Your iTunes Affiliate Links From Breaking On Oct. 1st

Last month was a big one in the affiliate linking space. We learned about the newest affiliate platform to enter the iTunes / App Store affiliate ecosystem, and we learned PHG would be taking the place of the DGM and LinkShare for managing the affiliate program in the respective countries.

On October 1st, when PHG finishes taking over support for the affiliate program  in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, all LinkShare and DGM-based links will cease to affiliate. At that time, affiliate marketers who are using LinkShare or DGM links will need to manually convert their links in order to continue earning affiliate commissions. Bummer!

We don’t know about you, but we think few things are as valuable as engineering time and resources. We also think that individually updating each of the links across your websites and blogs is not the best way to spend your time.

Rather than manually re-build all your existing links to use PHG, GeoRiot has a tool that allows you to mass-convert raw or iTunes affiliate links into GeoRiot links simply by placing our JavaScript snippet in the header of your page. Yes, it’s that easy.

At GeoRiot, our clients rely on us to perform much of the heavy lifting associated with leveraging the many affiliate platforms available to earn international commissions with the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program. We take pride in building tools that make our clients’ lives easier and, when changes occur within the program, implementing them seamlessly.

As one client who recently converted his existing links told us, “That was the easiest transition to PHG I could have possibly imagined. Hats off to you and your team for being true gun slangin, platinum grill havin, bandana wearing, hydraulics on your whip, west side gangsters!”

That’s a lot of love.

But why take his word for it? Sign up with GeoRiot today to easily migrate your DGM and LinkShare-based links so you’re protected on October 1st. After that, enjoy all the features our clients have come to rely on such as a single dashboard to manage all of your affiliate programs, the ability to earn commissions in 51 countries worldwide, and fail-safe affiliate links for any user, anywhere.