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An Interview with Lila

Tell us about yourself and your channel.

I am a full time YouTuber, content creator and cat mom! I really enjoy cooking and spending quality time with friends and family. My YouTube channel is all about filmmaking. I share tips on how to edit better and faster in Premiere Pro as well as general video creation tips. Sometimes that’s a heart-to-heart about something all of us creatives go through, and sometimes that’s a lighthearted video where I share tips or just a fun experience. I love to connect with people who enjoy the same things I do, such as filmmaking!

How did you get started on YouTube?

It started as what I like to call “creative therapy”. I started my channel because I wanted to create whatever I wanted to create. I was trying to build a portfolio for a potential video production company, but I just wanted to be creative! I wanted my own little space on the internet. By uploading my videos I was also hoping to meet some people online who share the same passion as me. Never did I expect to be where I am today and have built an amazing and supportive community of like minded, positive people.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a newbie creator? And what is one piece of advice they should ignore?

The only growth you should care about it your creative growth. Views, subscribers and money is great, but please don’t let that be your main motivator. Especially when you’re just starting out, have fun on your channel! Enjoy not having an audience because it means that you can experiment and do whatever you want. Take the time to learn how to use a camera, to learn how to tell good stories with your videos and how to make good thumbnails. When you do that, you will get your audience and build your own community. I really don’t want anyone to start a channel and expect results because as cheesy as it sounds, it really is a marathon, not a sprint.

As you probably already expect, my advice would be to not chase views. It’s so important to make content you enjoy and is authentic to you. It is not rocket science that when you chase trends or do whatever is hot at the moment, your channel will grow. However, chances are you aren’t as passionate about this topic and in turn you may even burn out. Success, whatever number you use to define it, is not worth your mental health. When you are being authentically yourself, you’re going to grow your channel and you’re going to get the views.

What is your favorite video you have ever made?

I don’t think I’ve made my ultimate favourite video yet. It’s still in my head. However, if I need to pick something, I think my favourite video is a commercial I made for Adobe. This was the first time working with a brand and the fact that it was Adobe made it even cooler. I had just started my YouTube channel so making this commercial for their then new Auto-Reframe feature was one of my most favourite videos to date. I think my most favourite videos that lives on my channel is my “I’m not good enough” video and “You are killing your creativity”. It’s the story in both videos that really speak to me. I love making connections with people and these videos definitely did that. But again, I’m still waiting to make my ultimate video… some day!

What are some tools that allow you to be more effective at your craft?

I like to use tools that help me be as efficient as possible so I can spend most of my time on what I love the most: making videos. The first app that helps me organise my ideas, my outlines and to do lists is a productivity app called Notion. Notion is basically my brain when it comes to my work. Everything work related that’s in my brain is in there. I specifically like it because of the user interface and that it is available on all my devices, so I have access to it at all times.

Secondly, my editing tools. I use Adobe Creative cloud for my entire creative process. I create my thumbnails in Photoshop and lightroom, my videos in Premiere Pro and I edit my audio in Audition.

Lastly, Geniuslink of course! I started using Geniuslink earlier this year when I started monetising my channel. Geniuslink really helps me with tracking my affiliate links and updating them when needed.

How do you continue to educate yourself in your craft? What are some of your favorite resources for learning?

YouTube. Everything I learn is either through trial and error and watching YouTube videos. Everything I know about YouTube I’ve learnt from videos and from my friends who are also well-known YouTube experts or coaches. YouTube is amazing.

What has been your biggest tool for subscriber growth?

I don’t think there are “growth hacks” but I think that the most important thing is making good quality content people will enjoy watching and content that’s authentic to you. If you make bad videos, people won’t spend their scarce free time watching it. Just make sure you provide a ton of value, whether that’s information or entertainment, so people feel like they’ve spent their time well. As your community grows and you connect with real people, your channel grows. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful and that also goes for YouTube. Honestly, though, don’t care about the numbers, care about how you can best provide value for your audience. The growth will happen.

Do you put much time into making your videos SEO friendly?

I used to put quite some time in it, but as my content is shifting, I’m making my videos more human friendly than SEO friendly. However, SEO is still important, because you want to give YouTube some metadata to work with. I honestly can’t tell you how much time I spend on it, it really varies every time. The key is to find a keyword that is searched for a lot but is low in competition. You can find such keywords using any of the analytical tools out there but I recommend committing to one tool. The reason is that they may all give you different results which can be very confusing. So pick one, and stick to it!

Is there a trend that you are seeing emerge in 2021? What excites you about it?

I think people are looking for human connection. This isn’t anything new, but more important than ever after last year. People are interested in connection, being entertained, and being part of a creator’s journey. Whether that is a 3 part specifically scripted journey where you travel from one state to another with some sort of object, or just throughout your personal journey. I’m definitely heading that direction with my own content: I want it to be more personal and less information driven. It also gives me a great opportunity to connect to the people who watch my videos, not just them connecting with me. It’s a win win!

When did your channel start to ‘pay off?’ In other words, when did your channel start to make you money?

I started monetising my channel at the beginning of this year (2021). I could’ve done it earlier if I wanted to, but I wanted to focus on my branding first and not let money be a deciding factor in my branding and overall channel strategy. So it was a very conscious decision and honestly the best one I could have ever made. As a full time YouTuber I am living my dream every day. I often have to pinch myself. Now, of course, it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. There is a lot of stress and hard work involved (read: there is an infinite amount of work) but it is so rewarding.

Have you created sponsored content? If you have, how did you get in contact with your sponsors?

Yes, I do. So far, I’ve been very privileged to have gotten reached out to. I have not contacted any of the brands I have a relationship and/or a partnership with. Therefore, I can’t really give any tips from experience, but my plan is to find the right person at a brand and pitch them a really good idea they can’t refuse!

Anything else you’d like to share?

GeniusLink is great, but I already shared that, haha. It’s very easy and useful. Besides that, I’m excited about my plans for my channel. I’m going to be switching some things up (for the better!) and level up my channel, so stay tuned for that!