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Link Creator Improvements + Advanced Amazon Region Options

The Link Creator tool is one of the most powerful tools we have to offer in our dashboard, and over the past few years we have continued to add brand new link building features to make it even more robust! However, with all of these additions, we decided that it was time to give the tool the makeover that it deserves! 

So, last week we released the first major step towards a much more intuitive Link Creator, that makes building and editing your links much more simplistic. Continue reading below to learn all about these updates – and make sure not to miss our brand new feature that many of you have been asking for!

So what changed?

Nothing, and yet everything! 

All of the same great features that you have grown to love are still available and are just as powerful as ever! You can still create simple links, A/B split links, Choice Pages, add custom rules, add pixels, organize your links, etc., just as you always have. However, with this first step in our Link Creator makeover project, it is now much more intuitive and simplistic to build any combination of these link types. 

The “link type” selection interface has been greatly improved, making it much easier to switch between each of our three default link types (Simple, Choice, and A/B Split) depending on your needs. 

Not sure which link you should build for your particular application? No problem, simply hover over each of the link types for a quick description and list of benefits! 

Additionally, the “Save / Update” buttons now hover at the bottom of the screen, rather than being forced down to the very bottom of the page when our Amazon Localization results appeared, or when advanced options were added. This was frustrating even for us when building links, so we are very excited to see this simple time saving feature being added, and hope that it makes your link building / editing much more seamless! 

Advanced Options Update

One of the most significant improvements however, is that adding custom rules to any of our different link types is now much more intuitive and simple to use! 

While it has always been technically possible to add custom rules to any of our different link types, the process for doing so could be tedious, and was oftentimes overlooked. So we are excited to make this much easier to use, and open this powerful combination of link types up to even more of our clients! 

To get started, simply choose one of our three default link types (Simple, Choice, or A/B split), paste in the url or urls where you would like to send your customers, and then select “Advanced” to enable the advanced options section below.

From here you can select from any of our routing options just like you always have to customize the experience that each of your customers receives, based on their location, language, device, operating system, and more.

Once you are satisfied with your powerful new link, simply click save, and you are all set!

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can actually build a Choice Page or an A/B Split link inside of a custom rule? To do so, simply select the gear icon to the right hand side of the custom rule you are adding, and choose your desired link type. 

One Last Thing – Amazon Region Options!

No, unfortunately we are not here to announce the newest and greatest iPhone! 

However, we do have some big news for many of you who rely on our world-class Amazon Localization to route your customers to the correct destination! 

While our localization feature continues to lead the industry, there are some instances where we are just not able to find a good matching product in a foreign country. Previously, you could resolve this by overriding our localization algorithm by adding a custom rule for the specific country that was not localizing well (step-by-step instructions here). However, because Amazon “only” has 19 different storefronts, this meant that many of the surrounding countries were still not receiving as optimal an experience as they could be (see our mappings here!). The only way to correct this was to add another routing option for every country that should be sent to that one Amazon storefront, which could be incredibly time consuming. 

So we are very excited to announce that you can now override our default localization with a url of your choosing, by simply creating a single custom rule to any of our predefined Amazon regions! 

For example, let’s say you paste in an Amazon link and then notice in the Amazon Visualizer that we were not able to find an ideal match in While we try our best to provide your customers with the best purchasing experience possible and will continue to work to improve our localization technology, sometimes our algorithm is just not as brilliant as the human mind!

Luckily though with our new Amazon Region options, instead of setting individual rules for Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, etc, you can now simply override our default localization with a single “Amazon Germany” region rule!

To do so, simply select “Advanced,” and choose the “Country / Region…” option from the list of custom rules. From here you will be able to either type in a country like you always have, or, simply select the “Region” button and choose from our curated list of 19 Amazon Regions.

These new regions will include all of our mapped countries for each of the different Amazon regions, so you will no longer have to add all of the individual countries one by one! This means that if someone clicks your link from Austria or Luxembourg, they will automatically be sent to the destination of your choosing.

Amazon Region Options

This is really just the first step toward allowing you to simply edit the destinations directly from the Amazon Visualizer, so stay tuned in the coming months as we continue to make improvements! 

As always, we love to hear your feedback, as it helps us to continue to improve the service to meet your needs! So please leave a comment below, or reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns with any of these new updates!