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Making money with Apple Music? We’ve got you covered.

AppleMusicIconNote: This blog has been updated on July 15th with notes about some additional functionality recently launched.

The launch of Apple Music yesterday is an exciting development not only for enjoying and consuming music but also for everyone around the world who promotes music in the iTunes ecosystem. While the user experience is also dependent on factors outside of your link, we felt you should have the ability to help influence the direction of your traffic.  Therefore, we’re happy to announce a couple of updates.

As of today, you can set your preference on how you’d like your iTunes music links to resolve.  Do you prefer your links to continue on to the iTunes Store? Affiliate publishers will earn commissions from sales of music, apps, movies, among other media types.

Or, would you prefer that all of your existing links point users into the new Apple Music?  Here, you can earn a bounty for new account memberships.

Now, you get to choose how your music links to Apple’s platforms. Choose your preference per-link, or account wide, on your dashboard.

Your account dashboard example

To get started, jump to your Account page, where you’ll see a few options to influence your links.  Selecting “No Preference” doesn’t add any additional parameters to your links so the link will resolve how Apple thinks is best.  However, setting your account to prefer “Apple Music” or “iTunes Store” will automatically add the appropriate parameter to prefer on destination over the other.

Please note that existing accounts as of June 30th, 2015, will find their preference set to “iTunes Store” by default.  Any app preference already embedded into an iTunes music link will have that preference take precedence over your selection.

iTunes Music Links, Prefer iTunes Store

When building a new iTunes music link, or editing an existing one, you’ll have the option to set the preferred behavior with the drop down provided.

Creating link for iTunes Music

Pretty cool, huh?

Please continue to let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the switch, and of course reach out if there’s something that will make your life easier and help your links work smarter.


-Team GeoRiot