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Maps, Stats & Graphs: The NEW Dashboard

We are thrilled to unveil our new dashboard today! After concentrating on building a top notch redirect service, we’ve shifted our focus in this release to bring our clients better tools and reporting services.

Here’s a taste for what the new dashboard can do for you:

    1. Not sure which affiliate program to apply to next?
      “Top Countries” and “Top Opportunities” in the Key Stats tab will identify the countries you could be profiting from most.


    1. Want to compare yesterday’s clicks to today? Last month to this month?
      The “Growth” and “Trends” tab will show you exactly this.


    1. Curious how your click rate changes throughout the day?
      The new hourly reports let you track hourly click rates in near real-time.


  1. Need some global affiliate eye candy?
    Check out our new interactive heat maps to see the geographic distribution of your clicks.

Along with the new reports we’ve also improved our existing reports with interactive graphs, sortable raw data and improved zooming on plotted data. Log in today to see it for yourself!

This update also builds a good foundation for some really cool things we plan to do with your affiliate data in the coming months. More to come!