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Meet Alejandro – One of the Newest Additions to Our Team

I finally made it! Working for a company like Geniuslink has been a dream of mine for a few years now. I couldn’t be more excited to begin my new journey. Having grown up overseas and worked in several different roles, from military member to entrepreneur to a business advisor, I feel I have a great deal to bring to this role, as well as, a wealth of knowledge to learn.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Arizona State with a focus in eCommerce. I’m also a professional artist, going on for 12 years. Time flies when you are having fun painting! 

I grew up in Europe, mostly in Germany and for a few years in Spain. I am married and have two beautiful children, a young lady Juliana that is 17, and a creative boy, Joaquin who is 5.

Le Artiste

I have multiple hobbies but one in particular that I have turned into a passionate career in the arts. I’ve painted professionally since 2011 and currently work on my art daily, whether it’s a local mural or a custom painting for a client. I also owned and operated a brick-and-mortar art gallery for nine years. It honestly doesn’t feel like work (although it can be exhausting!). Having started creating content online in 2011 I have a soft spot for creators that are now part of a new movement allowing people from all over the world to create careers out of their passions and interests. This is why I feel so lucky to start my job here at Geniuslink. Alejandro mural painting


I had a vibrant childhood. My father was in the armed forces and was stationed overseas for much of his career. We lived in Spain and Germany, where I spent most of my school years, 2nd grade to senior year. My parents still live there. I have a lot of beautiful memories of travelling across Europe with my parents as well as visiting countries on my own as an adult. My fondest memory is of my parents taking me to Italy right before I joined the Air Force. My father and I shared my first “drink” in Rome when I was 18. 

Alejandro painting in Europe

My favorite countries are Scotland and Italy. We have plans to revisit them soon and maybe one day move to Scotland. Until then, we fully intend to travel around the world working remotely, making art, and meeting new people!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Kung-Fu Aficionado 

One interesting tidbit about myself is that I love watching old Kung Fu movies from the 70s and 80s. My dad introduced me to his passion for these movies when I was a kid. We would watch old VHS tapes that were terribly dubbed, which is the best part! If you ever need a recommendation, I’m your guy! Start with 36 Chambers of Shaolin and Police Story by Jackie Chan; you won’t be disappointed! 


Presently, I live in San Angelo, TX (located in West Texas). It’s a small town about three hours west of Austin, TX. If you ever pass through here you will see many of my murals downtown as well as find a vibrant night scene filled with pubs and restaurants.

My daughter is 17 and in her senior year of high school. My wife, Shelby is a seamstress and owns her business downtown. My art business is thriving and keeps me busy. I also post content like blogs and videos about being the owner of a creator business.

I look forward to helping all the creators at Geniuslink!

Alejandro artist