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Isaac and The World Traveler’s Intro to the Global Market

Isaac Maier

Today we wanted to take a quick break from our regularly scheduled blog to introduce the newest member of our team, Isaac Maier! Before starting full-time in Seattle, Isaac was backpacking through Asia, but we’ll let him talk about that. Without further adieu, let’s pass it on over to Isaac for a firsthand introduction.

Meet Isaac

Hey everyone, this is Isaac, your newest guide on the road to success and reaching your goals.

I started with Geniuslink as a marketing intern in the Summer of 2018 out in Big Sky Country (Missoula, Montana). But this wasn’t always my home. I grew up back in the Bay Area, in California. I like to make moves, so when granted the opportunity to join the Geniusteam in Seattle fully, it was a natural choice. 

I’m a people person, and I strive to help guide you to reach your full potential and ensure that you have an excellent experience along the way. In addition to my mastery of client success, I am training to be a master of Krav Maga. And I love adventuring into the great outdoors on my Honda Super Cub. Also, at this point, I’ve been to 19 countries on my travels.

However, for a proper introduction as a Master of Client Success, I’ll tell you a little bit about my experience traveling through Taiwan just before joining the Geniuslink team.

Taipei 101 Building and city of Taipei from the top of Elephant MountainTaipei 101 Building and city of Taipei from the top of Elephant Mountain

Throughout my seven-week journey, I found multiple parallels in how both links and world travelers behave. For instance, how they both travel the world to get to their destinations, and in most cases, the correct translation will make for a better experience. If I had a travel guide with me to direct me and translate, then I may not have been roped into a cult ceremony in South Korea. I would have arrived at my proper destination, the grocery store. In the same way, Geniuslink is a travel guide for your links to get to the proper destination.

Taiwanese American Basketball

Taipei, Taiwan was my first destination. A week earlier, I had just graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula, and now I was on a plane to South East Asia. In what seemed like a matter of moments, I was sitting at the breakfast table in my hostel eating congee (a type of rice porridge or gruel popular in many Asian countries). My fellow travelers and I were watching American playoff basketball, on Taiwanese television. Other than different commercials and small changes to the scoreboard, it was ultimately the same viewing experience. And with my limited access to familiar content abroad, it was very accommodating to watch games that were being played thousands of miles away back home.

Isaac Maier Night market vegetable stand

Stand at a night market Hualien, Taiwan

In the same way, in the global e-commerce market, it’s necessary to interact with content, and it’s associated products from all around the world appropriately. My hostel was welcoming enough to watch the game in English, but many affiliate marketers don’t meet their customers with this same level of care. Often, marketers will unknowingly only provide links to their local version of a site. This behavior can create problems such as missed commissions or poor user experience for their global audience.

Ice Sand In Taipei

While venturing outside of my hostel in Taipei, I noticed a distinct lack of proper translation. On a particularly hot, humid day in the city of Taipei, a friend from my hostel and I wandered through the markets to find refreshment. We stumbled upon a stand that looked to have a quality selection. However, some of the names for the drinks were a bit odd. There were so many great looking options such as: “Sydney Juice,” “Banana Chocolate Sand” and “Strange Juice.” It was hard to pick. I figured the “integrated ice and sand” would be a solid combination.

Now, I wouldn’t say you have to be a genius to figure out that “Ice Sand” is referring to a smoothie when you’re there in person. But online, most links are pretty dumb, even though they’re clicked on from a different country they still only direct to their original destination. Completely ignoring the ice sand, as a link would, would have resulted in an inefficient search and me missing out on an excellent product.

Popular King's Net Red Ice SandPopular King’s Net Red Ice Sand

The Importance of Good Directions

In summary, reaching the proper destination for a product is a significant key in generating affiliate commissions. If I had gone to Indonesia searching for Japanese apparel, then I never would have found Japanese clothing at a reasonable price. In the same way, when customers outside of your global area go to your link’s destination, it will be incorrect for them. If you’re taking them to buy a climbing shoe in Croatia and they live in South Korea, they’re going to have a negative shopping experience. They’ll have to disregard outrageous shipping costs, a language barrier, and potential pricing differences to finally make a purchase.

Think about if one of your customers was in Thailand looking for a 7-11 and you gave them directions in Danish, to a 7-11 located in Denmark. They’re just going to ask someone else for directions. When an affiliate marketer directs customers to the right store, but in the wrong country, this is what happens. Except, instead of just sounding crazy, you’ll miss out on a sale when they end up searching for the product in their local store.  

Geniuslink is your link’s super helpful travel guide. It translates for your links, gives them directions, and makes sure things go as they’re supposed to. And I’m here as your travel agent. I’m always happy to help, so feel free to reach out, and we’ll get in touch!

Isaac Maier


Isaac Maier

Master of Client Success | Geniuslink

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