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Meet Jules – The Newest Addition to Our Team

Hello all – I am delighted to join the incredibly hardworking and passionate team at Geniuslink!

Born in California, raised in Montana I have been fortunate to grow up beneath the Rockies and among many waterways. Here are a few things about myself:

Recently, I completed my MBA at the University of Montana in Missoula. Education is something that I value greatly and I always make it a point to learn something new every day; school is something that has nourished my eagerness to learn since the beginning.

Oro y Plata

As a Montanan, the outdoors is my playground. Thus, Montana’s state motto is Spanish for “gold and silver” for good reasons. The gold and silver that I have found in Montana is fishing and skiing. These are two passions of mine and I push myself to constantly learn from the experiences I engage in with them (while nodding to my Scandinavian heritage that inspires both). Whether it be skiing pow with fellow shredders, or taking someone out fishing for the first time, I believe that enjoying time outdoors is essential to growth and appreciation for what Montana has to offer.

Ski pov

I have lived in Missoula, Montana for the last five years, but my roots are in the Flathead Valley. Skiing up at Big Mountain (somewhere knee-deep in the trees) and fly fishing the lakes and rivers for big pike, bass, and our incredible array of trout. Since moving to Missoula, I have been spoiled by the big brown trout that reside in three blue-ribbon streams that run throughout the valley.

Another tremendous passion of mine is soccer. Ever since I was little, I still remember my days of playing soccer for my kindergarten school. Since then, my passion for soccer beats more than ever. I play weekly on several Missoula rec teams, and I frequent our local pickup soccer regularly. I plan on playing the beautiful game until my legs give way.

The Scaly Pursuit

I couldn’t help but reserve a section of my biography for fishing – it’s been a life-changing event that started after high school. Since then, I have travelled to many places outside of Northwestern Montana to pursue unique species of fish. I have been fortunate to fly fish in Alaska, Utah, Belize, and Norway in recent years, and my list of fishing destinations continues to grow each year. Just last year, I was able to check off all of Montana’s trout species which was a big ambition of mine for a while. I have made it a goal to catch a fish every month of the year, and currently, I have accomplished that in the past four years. When I’m not fishing, I love to tie flies in my pastime; it’s enjoyable, relaxing, and artistic all at the same time.

Pike on fly

Of all the fish, both saltwater and freshwater, my favourite to pursue is Northern Pike. Menacing, mean, and motivated to chomp your biggest flies – nothing beats pike fishing in Montana for me. If you ever want to challenge yourself as an angler, try fly fishing from a paddleboard for pike and bass; the fight is incredible, and if you catch a big one, you may even be seen from the shore getting pulled in every direction by these fish.

Where I am Today

So how does an avid outdoorsman fit into a company like Geniuslink? Well, I have grown to love marketing and technology ever since learning about them deeply in my college studies. With these two, you can never learn enough. I enjoy the psychology behind human consumption, and I, too, am a gearhead that loves testing new products and technologies that are a part of my activities; I understand that marketing plays a huge role in my decision-making process. Usually, if the product has a captivating story, I am a sucker for trying out the latest and greatest that these brands have to offer (anything related to fishing, skiing, soccer, and backpacking). I received my undergraduate degree in Marketing with a Digital Marketing certificate, and I felt that I wasn’t quite ready to leave school. Thus, I continued at the University of Montana for my MBA, and it was then that I curated a network of individuals who got me to where I am today at Geniuslink. I have so many people to thank for that.

Pairing my education in marketing and related skills, along with my extrovert-ness and love for problem-solving, I am thrilled to join the Client Success team at Geniuslink. I look forward to all the learning opportunities that will result from helping clients get the most out of Geniuslink’s technology and service.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about who I am and what I love to do. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime, I’d love to talk about life or any interests that you’d love to share.


Julian Emond

Sr. Client Success Specialist

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