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Meet Liliana – The Newest Addition to Our Team

Hi everyone! I am so happy to be a part of the Geniuslink team!

Here’s a little bit about me and my life.

Staying busy and staying creative is definitely how I thrive. Working with and sharing new creative work and new ideas with others who are also ‘on the go’ is my ideal. I am very excited to be working with all of the tremendous and talented people at Geniuslink.

I just graduated from the University of Montana with a double major in photojournalism and marketing. A mantra I have always lived by is to follow my passions to discover what feels new and exciting right in front of my eye(s) and, further, to discover how best to share my work with others. My desire to share my creative work with others is what drove me to pursue my dual major. I have always had a passion for creating and have loved photography since I was a little girl. Seriously, that’s what I did as a kid. I chased butterflies around my family’s ranch while taking pictures of things that would catch my eye. Helping people is a big part of who I am. Sharing ideas and compelling visual communication strategies to better a person’s business is what drove me to pursue a career in marketing.

Shaping who I am

I see my childhood as a big part of what drives my interests now. Growing up was a bit (a lot!) magical, and looking back, it was truly one of a kind. My parents gave my brothers and me a childhood that has shaped who we are today and a magical place our family calls home, Rancho el Palomar.

When I think of home, I feel warmth, and I see birds chirping in the mesquite trees, beautiful mountains, my dad’s flowers and vegetable garden, yellow butterflies flying from one orange trumpet flower to the next, while I sit on the porch holding a cup of coffee. Home for me is in a small town in Mexico called Alamos.

The town itself is a bit dreamy, with Sunday markets with fresh produce, amazing smells from ‘carnitas’ stands, beautiful white Spanish colonial homes, and the feeling of community that lingers in the streets. I grew up in a place where I could walk to the biggest tree I could find and lay on its limbs, looking up at the sky and watching the clouds change shapes. Home wouldn’t be the same without my mother’s love and passion for cooking. Those memories will always stay with me, the memory of my mom always playing music in the kitchen, dancing to every song while cooking, and talking while she chopped and sautéed. The magic of my childhood was in the beauty and warmth and creative energy that we all shared.

The little things from our childhood have stuck with both my brothers and with me. My older brother is the real cookie monster, my other brother is the glue that keeps us all together, and I, well, I’m the little sister in charge of morale.

I can feel in my bones that I am from two countries, a kind of ‘dual major’ in cultural upbringing. Being part Latina has given me flair and color. I believe it’s where my passion for creativity comes from and my empathy and desire to help people. And on the American side, I find myself being business-oriented, needing structure (love me, a good task list, whiteboards, and perfectly stacked books). Photography has been a bridge between the two, in photography you need to know the basic science to how it all works, it’s a triangle working together, f-stops working with aperture, and ISO working together to manipulate the light bouncing from the mirror to a sensor creating an image that you were picturing in your head. As the new marketing intern at Geniuslink, I hope to mix my creativity and business personalities to serve this community of people better. Growing up in two countries, weaving from one to the other was easy because I had a clear path and a compass to point me where home is like Geniuslink does for people’s affiliate links.

Through my college years, Missoula Montana has been my home (another magical place!). Since graduating, I’ve moved to Boise, Idaho, and I’m excited to see what other adventures this new place will take me on. And, of course, I’m eager to discover how I can best contribute to the team here and see what new skills and milestones I will achieve in this new journey I’m embarking on with Geniuslink.

I am looking forward to seeing how Geniuslink clients bridge their passion with business. As Geniuslink does so well, I hope to create an unbreakable link.