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Meet Teresa – The Newest Addition to Our Team

Meet Teresa a Genius Link MemberHi everyone! I’m so glad to be a part of this team, and now this blog! Here’s a little bit about me and my life before Geniuslink.

I’m the ultimate busy body, but when I’m not snowboarding, wake surfing, or hiking, you can find me on the couch watching Family Guy. I love animals and I like to think I have a decent Steve Irwin impression. Connecting and chatting with different kinds of people is one of my favorite ways to spend time, so I’m so happy to work for a company where I get to connect with and help creators everywhere. But above all of these passions, a constant love of mine has always been running, and it’s taken me to some crazy place over the years, so it’s only fitting that I use it to tell you some more about me.

One Foot In Front Of The Other

I’ve been running all my life, but as I’ve grown up the races have started to look a little different. Putting one foot in front of the other seems simple, but as any good runner knows, it is no easy task.

I grew up in beautiful Northern California, not the beach, not wine country, but in the rice fields. I started running because I was faster than my brothers and any time I could beat them in something I liked to rub it in (as siblings do). But it grew into a lifestyle when I joined my high school’s cross-country team. My first races were run out by those rice fields, and all I had to worry about was running fast in one direction. The worst that could happen was an untied shoe- which I triple knotted my shoes just to be cautious. 

I can remember I started our Crosscountry team Instagram and managed it for 2 years (it still lives on today if you want to check it out @woodcreekxcgirls). That’s when I started to realize that I loved promoting and managing content via social media. But of course I was passionate about it, so it made it easy for me to do.

Coaches, Coffee, and 18 Credits

standing next to PacWest banner after the conference meet
After the Pacwest Conference meet, 1500 m 5:02.55

However, the hot summers of Sacramento were enough for me to pack up my things and move to the beach for my first two years of school. I was quick in high school so I landed a scholarship to run for an NCAA Division II school. Running got a bit more complicated here, I was a college athlete, worked the morning opening shift at Peets Coffee (that’s a 4 am wake up call ladies and gents), and I was taking more classes than I ever did in high school. Remember when I said I’m the ultimate busy body? It seemed like at the time I was running fast in three different directions instead of one. I was managing a lot, and constantly adapting to try to optimize my performance in every one of my activities (and I have to say, I can make a mean latte now).

Teresa steaming milk as a barista
This was after my 3rd cappuccino of the day at Peet’s.

I was even recognized by the district for boosting sales at my Peet’s Coffee location, but I think I was just extra chatty from the 3 cappuccinos I would have every day. I met so many people working at that coffee shop. Not only the customers but the employees and surrounding shop owners. It’s odd to say that a Peet’s Coffee in Southern California was such a diverse experience, but while working behind that bar at Peet’s I met and chatted with people from quite literally all over the world. 

Though I was the fastest I’ve ever been in my life, I knew that there was something missing. Growing up in Northern California, a drive to a trail was never too far. I consider myself an outdoor enthusiast so I decided to go to the anti-SoCal… Montana. My big sky adventure has taken place in Missoula mostly, where I earned my degree in Marketing from the University of Montana. I stuck with running, but I train for marathons now. I found a handful of crazy people who actually get excited when I say “let’s go run 16 miles!” 

In my experience, the modern age of digital marketing has run a similar course as my running journey. I have enjoyed seeing the parallels looking back. What once seemed so simple, is now a completely different (digital) race than it used to be. I’ve gone from managing social media and marketing for my high school cross-country team to graduating with a degree in marketing and using my passions in my career today. I’m excited to run this new race alongside everyone at Geniuslink, and hopefully, get some big wins along the way.

Chat with me anytime about running, coffee, or Steve Irwin!


Teresa Zortman

Marketing Coordinator