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Meet The Intern!

Joey the Intern
Today, we’re taking a break from our usual blog format to introduce the newest addition to the GeoRiot team. Hailing all the way from Missoula, Montana, please meet our summer intern: Joey White!
Those of you who are familiar with our story and Jesse Lake’s entrepreneurial journey, know that encouraging ideas and working tirelessly to make them a reality are very much at the heart of GeoRiot. These are just a few of the qualities about Joey that caught our attention earlier this year when Jesse was presenting a guest lecture series at the University of Montana.
We’re stoked to have Joey on board for more than a few reasons. Add to the list a killer taste in music, eagerness to get his hands dirty in a startup environment, open mindedness when it comes to wearing several hats on any given day, and a love for extreme sports and microbreweries, we’re questioning whether or not this is his first startup rodeo.
We love the enthusiasm Joey’s brings to his new role in the affiliate marketing space and we’re looking forward to working with him this summer.
Getting Up Close And Personal With Joey…
Team GeoRiot: Tell us about yourself!
Intern Joey: My name is Joey White, and I was born and raised in Stevensville, MT, where I graduated in 2010. I am currently a senior at the University of Montana in Missoula, working toward my bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems along with a Digital Marketing Certificate. For the past four years I have worked on a ranch in the Bitterroot Valley during the summer, which has taught me a lot and allowed me to pay for most of my schooling up to this point.  In my free time, I am usually outside, snowboarding all winter, and trying to find time between baling hay to go hiking or biking, in the summer. At the end of the day, my favorite activity is going down to one of the numerous breweries that Missoula has to offer, to meet up and hang out with a few good friends. I am incredibly excited and honored to have the opportunity to work with GeoRiot this summer and look forward to a new adventure. 
TG: What got you excited about GeoRiot?
IJ: I was lucky enough to be sitting in Jakki Mohr’s introduction to marketing course when Jesse first came in to talk about his career path and his company, GeoRiot. This first discussion was what initially sparked my interest, and Jesse’s story was incredible to me. I have always liked the idea of working for a startup company, because everything is fast paced, new problems must be solved everyday, and there is a very unique culture that is built within these companies. GeoRiot is made up of a very tight nit group of people, who are all incredibly passionate about their company, and I want to be able to contribute my own skills in order to help them achieve their goals.
TG: What’s are you most looking forward to working on / contributing to during your internship at GeoRiot?
IJ: At this point I am not exactly sure what my work with GeoRiot will entail. My own goals, however, are to learn as much as possible, and be able to contribute my own skills and offer new perspectives, in order to help out in any way I can. I am really excited to be able to work with the GeoRiot team and be able to contribute my own set of skills to help make their product even more of a success
TG: Can you tell us about one particularly memorable project or class you took this past semester?
IJ: This past semester I worked on a project for a marketing research class, which allowed me to work with a local Montana company called Make It Missoula. The group was assigned to develop a survey and then analyze the data, in order to give the owner a better understanding of the demographics and psychographics of the sites’ visitors. This was one of the coolest experiences I have had in a long time, because it was a great client, a great group, and an interesting subject. 
TG: What are your three most used / referenced apps?
IJ: On my way from Missoula to here, I listened to Pandora for about 8 hours straight, so I guess that would be number one! In addition, for me, I have some difficulty staying organized at times, so the calendar app on my mac, tied into my phone and Google account, is vital for me to keep track of everything. My two favorite apps for wasting time on the other hand are The Chive and the Pulse News app. Pulse is definitely more educational and allows me to keep up with the news and different blogs, but The Chive is just a great way to waste some time!
TG: What apps do you see your peers and professors using in the academic environment?
IJ: Prezi is by far one of the coolest presentation applications that I have seen. I think in many ways it is more effective and interesting than a simple PowerPoint slideshow, and lets you do a lot of unique things. In addition, Google Drive is pretty awesome for anything that needs to be collaborated on in a group. 
TG: What did you listen to on your drive from Montana > Seattle?
IJ: Depending on how tired I was getting, a variety of different music! I mostly listened to some CCR radio, but then switched it up to some AWOLNATION or Black Keys to wake me up during the boring sections.  
TG: What artists are currently on rotation in your iTunes library?
IJ: Honestly I just bought a new laptop at the beginning of the year and have not taken the time to download any of my old music to this one. It just wasn’t worth the hassle of sorting through all of the crap on my old library to get what I wanted. I am mainly a fan of Pandora or Groove shark for my music, simply because I am a poor college kid! The artists I listen too, however, range from Tom Waits, to Hendrix, to Zac Brown Band, to Yo-Yo Ma, and everything in between. So to answer the question, pretty much everything!