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Why a Mommy Blogger & Home Remedies Expert Swears By Geniuslink


That was the response I got from Bibi, a “mommy blogger” and an expert in home remedies when I asked her how she would feel if Geniuslink suddenly disappeared.

As the new marketing manager at Geniuslink I had to ask “But why?”.

Bibi is a mother to an 8-year-old son in Amsterdam. Before fully committing to generating an income with authority sites, she was a social media manager for a worldwide truck trader for five years. She works remotely most of the time, but because she wanted more time with her family decided to create her own business. Today, she has two sites: Every Home Remedy and Mamas Now.

Since starting her two sites, she’s slowly been reaching her income goals and now helps others with link building.

I wondered, how did she get here?

As her blogs became more popular, she soon found herself in a huge mess with little to no organization when it came to her links and monetization. To clean it up, she started going through every article and checking each link manually. This very quickly turned into a very time-consuming and tedious process. “I also discovered I had a lot of visitors from India, but I didn’t know what to do with them,” said Bibi.

Then one day a friend told her “With Geniuslink, you can replace everything.” Bibi was ecstatic that there was a tool that could do everything she was trying to do manually, and with ease. Once she started using Geniuslink, she not only had everything organized and set up to properly monetize, but she also was able to reaffirm that she was receiving a lot of traffic from India and take steps to try and monetize it.

“I would recommend the Geniuslink service because you get better control of how you’re monetizing,” explained Bibi. She swears by Geniuslink as a time-saving, “managing tool for [her] links and makes [her] links adjustable so [she] doesn’t have to think about it”, that has increased her income and helped her to monetize visitors from countries she didn’t know she had traffic in.

She admits that she still has a lot of exploring to do when it comes to understanding all that the tool can do for her, but the fact that she can set it up and essentially forget about it and simultaneously increase her income is everything to her. The Geniuslink service allows Bibi to optimize her monetization and get back to doing what she loves best: Blogging and being a mom.    

Bibi Raven

Bibi lives in Amsterdam with her 8-year-old son and 37-year-old sword fighter. When she’s not optimizing her sites and helping others with link building, she’s a musician who plays the piano, ukulele, sings and she’s a yogi. She loves interacting with people whether it’s talking with them, listening to them or helping them. She also enjoys sci-fi, horror movies, and reading comics.