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Most Engaging People in Gaming Worldwide

In our continuing series of the most influential people in their fields, we now turn our focus to the video gaming community. What we discovered is that the number of people with deep influence in the gaming community is tiny. In fact, it’s smaller than the number of people who are actually stoked that they pre-ordered Arkham Knight on PC (too soon?).

In determining the most prominent voices of the gaming community, we compiled a list of 500 reviewers, Youtubers, and journalists who are active on social media.  Then we whittled the list down to the top 30, who were identified using engagement frequency.  The engagement frequency points reflect a variety of factors including social footprint, amplification, citations and other related items. Weights were then assigned to each factor to derive a final data-driven list of the 30 most engaging people in gaming on social media.  It should be noted that we purposely left out game developers from our compilation this time around (sorry, devs).

All of these people have one thing in common, they are extremely knowledgeable about the world of gaming, and are huge nerds just like us.  We are very pleased to be honoring them!

Every person on this list is deserving of accolades for helping bring the love of video games to gamers around the world.  The list includes John “Total Biscuit” Bain, billed as Youtube’s #1 PC gaming critic, the always hilarious Jon “JonTron” Jafari, and journalist Chris Kohler from Wired.  You can follow all of these influencers on Twitter with just one click.



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1. Geoff Ramsey:
2. Jon Jafari:
3. Adam Kovic:
4. Burnie Burns:
5. Arin Hanson:
6. Ashley Jenkins:
7. Geoff Keighley:
8. Will Johnson:
9. Joe Vargas:
10. John Bain:
11. Ben Croshaw:
12. Jeff Gerstmann:
13. Jason Schreier:
14. Jim Sterling:
15. Lewis Brindley:
16. Patrick Klepek:
17. Jesse Cox:
18. Kieron Gillen:
19. Sam Kulii:
20. Kyle Bosman:
21. Naomi Kyle:
22. Laura Hudson:
23. Justin McElroy:
24. Jessica Chobot:
25. Greg Miller:
26. Keza MacDonald:
27. John Walker:
28. Steve Hogarty:
29. Nic Truong:
30. Chris Kohler: