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New and Improved Link Creator! Build better links.

New Geniuslink Link Creator designGentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster.

What we’ve dubbed the Link Creator on the Links page of our dashboard has been around forever. It’s the first thing most people interact with after creating a new Genius Link account and it’s the gateway to our intelligent links.

But – as we built more and more features like our Advanced Targets, A/B Testing links, and User Choice Landing pages, we found it was confusing to use those additional features –  and the workflow to create them was fragmented.

Since we’re all about fighting fragmentation, we spent some time under the hood of the Links page and supercharged the whole experience, including a brand new way to create the different types of links we offer. Here’s a quick description of each link type:

  • Simple link: If you want to globalize and affiliate iTunes, Amazon, or Microsoft Store links, just want to shorten a long URL, and/or want to throw some retargeting pixels on your links, you can do so with a Simple link. This most closely resembles the previous link creator where you paste in a link, and we do the globalization and affiliation for you.
  • A/B Split: With this option, we’ll automatically route your traffic to different destinations of your choosing for testing purposes. That way you can see which destinations convert the highest to make sure future campaigns work harder for you.
  • User Choice Landing Pages: Our newest feature from the bunch, the UCLP (or interstitial)  allows you to create a beautiful landing page, providing your customers with choices of where to purchase the items you’re promoting (if this is news to you, check out our blog about the landing pages).



    • , but allows you to combine any of the powerful features we have into a single link. Do things like create an

A/B Test for Android devices to see if they convert higher at Google Play or Amazon

    , create a unique Landing Page for each country and/or override the default Amazon and iTunes behavior by setting country overrides here if you’d like as well.

The new Link Creator is live on the Links page now, and you can use it to create any of the new link types that your plan has access to.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the way things are set up now. Our goal is to improve and simplify your workflows, so let us know if we’ve hit the mark or not.

Happy linking!


Team Geniuslink