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New! Custom Domains, Retargeting pixels, and more.

At GeoRiot, we believe an awesome user experience is the key to great marketing. A more personalized experience for your users leads to more conversions and keeps your audience happy. Because of this, we pride ourselves on making sure every click on a GeoRiot link provides the best user experience possible, and to further that mantra, we’re releasing three new features today to make that experience even better – custom domain support, the ability to add retargeting pixels to links, and the opening of our platform to support any link.

Custom Domains

We love the “” domain because it matches our brand and helps users understand they’re about to click on an intelligent commerce link. However, we know you work hard building your brand, and that using your own domain gives users more confidence that they will be taken to a destination that your brand stands MyLink

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce that you can now fully incorporate domains that you own into our service to turn your “” links into “compa.ny/abc123.” Interested? We are happy to help you migrate links from other services, and can work with you to get a custom domain set up just as soon as you’re ready.

Note: Custom domains require an additional fee, contact us for details.

 Retargeting Pixels

When a user clicks on one of your links, it means they’re interested in the product or content you’re promoting. However, they may not always follow through with a conversion right after that first click, and may need some reminders down the road. Retargeting allows you to keep track of those users, then show them relevant ads on other websites to help finish the conversion process.Advanced targeting

We’ve integrated support for retargeting pixels from Facebook and Google Adwords Remarketing, but if you need any others, let us know. There’s no limit to the number of pixels you can add for each link, so target away!

Open Platform

Finally, we’re rolling out a huge change to the availability of our service. We’ve heard from several users how tedious it is to have to use different link management platforms to cover different aspects of their marketing, such as using one platform to just shorten links, another for re-targeting and pixeling, and ours for the translation and affiliation of iTunes and Amazon links.

We understand how much of a pain and a waste of time that is for you, so starting today you can now use GeoRiot to create a shortened link to any destination (minus our blacklist of unsafe sites). Now you’ll be able to take full advantage of our advanced targeting for Genius Links, see awesome in-depth analytics, pixeling and re-targeting support, and manage all of your links in a single place. On top of that, we’ll still automatically globalize and affiliate all of your iTunes and Amazon links!Geniuslink Links

Below are a few scenarios to help illustrate how this can help your marketing going forward:

    • Create a link for Facebook for an album pre-order that sends users to your website before the pre-release date to find more info, then send iOS devices to the album in iTunes, Android devices to Google Play, and Kindles to Amazon. In the countries where there is no pre-order send them to YouTube. Use your own domain and add a pixel to retarget those users in case they don’t purchase right away.


    • Create a link for a product that is only available in specific stores in specific countries. Send US clicks to, UK clicks to, and Chinese based clicks to Alibaba. Everything else goes back to your website.


  • Market links for items in your own global storefronts using your own domain and advanced targeting, such as sending all your US consumers to your US store, European consumers to your UK store, etc. Create individual links for items you’re marketing, then retarget them for that specific item later.

We’re beyond excited about these features, and to see what you do with them. However, let us know if there’s anything else we can do to make your lives even easier.

-Team GeoRiot