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New Features and New Plans: Core, Plus and Power

Geniuslink Core, Plus and Power plans and the included features. About a year ago, we made the decision to open up our platform and expand our service past iTunes and Amazon affiliate links. Since then, we’ve had a massive influx of new users – each figuring out new and creative ways to use the Geniuslink service which we would have never dreamed of on our own. This has been super cool for us because it’s opened up new avenues for us to build awesome new features and help us evolve from “affiliate links” to a full-on marketing service!

However – with most things that grow quickly, there were some questions we needed to figure out:

  1. With such a diverse group of users, how do we make sure everyone has the features they need without getting overwhelmed and confused with the ones they don’t?
  2. How do we make our pricing less confusing and scalable for our larger clients while still catering to the affiliate marketers just getting started?
  3. How do we continue to invest in our company’s future and scale our resources to meet our user’s needs?

So, after months in front of the whiteboard, we’ve come up with a new model with three new plans – each geared towards answering those questions. Along with the new plans comes new pricing for each. These prices were set to make sure the value our users get is still substantially more than the cost, but also to ensure we can continue to grow and invest in our business. We want to continue building the world’s best link management platform, and with this switch (and your support), we plan to.

Along with the new plans, we’ve also been slow roasting some succulent features over the past few months and we’re excited to say they’re ready to serve. Here’s what you can look forward to for the first course:

  • Deeper reporting. Along with the “top ten” reports you see in the dashboard, we’re unleashing a whole new Reports Engine that will help you drill down as far as the rabbit hole goes for all Geniuslink metrics (Links, Groups, Referrers, etc).

One of our new features - the Reports Engine

  • Downloadable reports. Dump your info straight into your favorite data crunching software straight from the new Reports Engine for further analysis.
  • A / B Destination Testing. You can now add more than one end URL for the same Advanced Target, allowing you to test which destinations perform better for further marketing campaign refinement.

Another one of our new features - A/B Testing


  • Custom Domain Support for WordPress Plugin and JavaScript Snippet. If you’re using our WordPress Plugins or JS Snippet, you can now replace our default domain with one of your own for better branding of your links.
  • Geniuslink Training. We know it can be challenging to learn new technology and sometimes reading support articles isn’t enough. Sit down with someone on our team to make sure you’re getting the most out of our service.
  • Account Management. Have a dedicated member of our team to answer all of your questions, run special reports, help with onboarding new members of your team, and maybe even get your coffee if you ask nicely.

You can check out the new plans on our website, as well as find out details about the new features we’ve added. In the coming months, you can expect to see more awesome features including more granular Advanced Targets, even deeper reporting, and custom landing pages coming for the second course.

I hope you’re as excited as we are. Together we can continue to make the world a better place, one link at a time.

– Team Geniuslink