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October 1st Deadline For PHG

It’s October 1st! Say hello to Q4, changing seasons, and PHG.

As of today, iTunes has completely replaced the DGM and LinkShare affiliate networks with the PHG affiliate platform. To coincide with this, all LinkShare and DGM affiliate parameters have also been disabled inside the GeoRiot system (because, as of today, they are unfortunately worthless).

Sounds scary, right? Well, first and foremost you should know that all of your GeoRiot links are working just fine.

If you’ve already added your PHG affiliate parameter into GeoRiot, you *could* stop reading this now (but, humor us). All of your GeoRiot links built from LinkShare and DGM-based links are being passed through with PHG affiliation and you’ll continue to earn commissions same as always.  Just a quick reminder: if you haven’t already done so, be sure to enable PHG commissions reports in your GeoRiot account so you can track all your affiliate earnings together through GeoRiot.

For those of you who haven’t added PHG, you’ve got (just a little) bit of work to do. Clicks coming from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Japan (the countries formerly supported by LinkShare and DGM) are still functioning, however they are no longer earning affiliate commissions. Signing up with PHG and adding the affiliate parameter into GeoRiot is a quick and painless process and will get you back on track immediately.

To help you further capitalize on your global affiliate commissions, all of the clicks coming from countries without an affiliate program will now be affiliated with your PHG affiliate token. Note: If you have been directing this traffic through Tradedoubler, your account will not be affected by this update.

You can manage this preference by going to Account -> Manage Traffic Sources -> Actions -> Preferences in the GeoRiot dashboard.

We hope this helps to clear up any questions you may have about the changes that went into effect today. As always, were happy to chat further if you’d like additional support.