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How to Earn More Affiliate Revenue on YouTube with Choice Pages

We’ve long believed that Choice Pages are an awesome way for creators to boost their revenue and diversify their affiliate partnerships. Armando Ferreira (of the popular MondoBytes YouTube channel) shared a case study with us that yielded exciting results (more than doubling his revenue!). But like many of you, we wanted more data. We wanted to know that his experience wasn’t an exception.

So we set up a Choice Page experiment with other YouTubers to see if we could prove that Armando’s experience wasn’t a fluke.  

Turns out we were able to consistently produce amazing results!  Over 11 separate tests, we saw an average of 2.2x improvement in earnings-per-click with some clients seeing as much as 4.2x lift! 

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An Interview With Khalid Zidan

Who are you and what are you currently working on?

I am an affiliate marketer, a blogger, and a father of 4 years old boy. I focus on teaching people how to make a living from affiliate marketing, my new blog dedicated to that. 

Right now, I am working on creating an online course to teach beginners the main 4 steps to make consistent income through affiliate marketing. 

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Books-A-Million Affiliate Program + Geniuslink

Books-A-Million + Geniuslink

BAM! We’re thrilled to announce Geniuslink auto-affiliation support for the Books-A-Million affiliates program! With quite literally millions of books spanning every genre, Books-A-Million is a fantastic alternative for authors and book reviewers looking to diversify their affiliate portfolio and get away from using only the Amazon Associates program to recommend titles.

Now with the addition of the Books-A-Million + Geniuslink integration, you can build links and earn commissions through the Books-A-Million affiliate program easier than ever!

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How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Affiliate Business

It’s no secret Social Media can be extremely helpful for Affiliate Marketers. However, with the age of The Social Media influencer upon us, it can be intimidating trying to figure out how to post. Especially if you have a Niche that is not so mainstream, it can be difficult to master social media affiliate marketing.

My name is Teresa, I am the Marketing Coordinator here at Geniuslink, I run all of our Social Media operations. Social media affiliate marketing can vary in difficulty depending on your niche, but when used correctly it can be an awesome funnel for sales and for engaging with your target audience.

When I first started at Geniuslink, promoting smart links seemed incredibly difficult to do in a social media sense- heck explaining them at first was hard! But social media management is not an art, but a practice. 

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Optimize Amazon Affiliate Links with the YouTube Link Optimizer

If you’re a creator on YouTube looking to generate some extra income, you’re probably already using affiliate links to recommend your favorite products. (And if you’re not, you should be!

However, these links can start to add up quickly, and before long you may find yourself with hundreds—or thousands—of links throughout your channel, all of which are still leaving valuable international commissions on the table! Even worse, this makes it feel like a huge commitment to adopt an intelligent link management service like Geniuslink to start earning those commissions—particularly when you need to go back and replace hundred of affiliate links across dozens of videos.

Our YouTube Link Optimizer—now with improved functionality—is here to help!