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Backcountry Affiliate Program + Commission Rates

The team at Geniuslink is excited to introduce the support for the Backcountry Affiliate Program! Backcountry is an online specialty retailer selling clothing and outdoor recreation equipment from some of the best-recognized brands in the outdoor industry. With + Geniuslink integration, you can build links and earn commissions through the Backcountry Affiliate Program more effortlessly than ever!

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Universal Prime Day Links

(Updated June 10th, 2021)

Exciting news — Prime Day 2021 is happening June 21st/22nd and is going for 48 hours again this year with some early deals already showing up. Amazon is pulling out all of the stops with hundreds of thousands of deals for its Prime members. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity and prep beforehand.

And the best part?  It’s a global event* and that’s where you can shine with our service because Geniuslink is also pulling out all of the stops to help make this one the most successful yet!

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An Interview With Curtis Judd

Tell us about yourself and your channel.

My name is Curtis Judd and I love sound and lighting for video. I learned photography with a 35mm film camera and spent afternoons at the university library, scouring the photography section when I should have been studying biology and mathematics. And what I learned over time is that lighting makes a bigger difference to making great photographs or videos than whether you have the latest or most expensive camera. And another thing which I learned once I started making video is that sound is a critical part of what makes a video great. So on my channel, we focus on learning how to make better lighting designs and better audio for video and films.

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Affiliate Marketing Links: Terms You Need to Know

Link Management can be intimidating to anyone, but we are here to help! Here at Geniuslink, we make link management easy. We understand that sometimes we get a little carried away with our terms and jargon regarding links ( we just get so excited!) So we made this page to define some of our vocabulary, so nothing gets lost in translation.

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Meet Liliana – The Newest Addition to Our Team

Hi everyone! I am so happy to be a part of the Geniuslink team!

Here’s a little bit about me and my life.

Staying busy and staying creative is definitely how I thrive. Working with and sharing new creative work and new ideas with others who are also ‘on the go’ is my ideal. I am very excited to be working with all of the tremendous and talented people at Geniuslink.