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Article: App Marketing

It’s always a treat to see a list of top tools from an esteemed peer in the tech world. It’s an extra special treat when you are included on the short list.

This week we’re thrilled to have made Carter Thomas of Bluecloud’s list of the latest and greatest app marketing resources! Visit the Bluecloud Solutions Blog for 10 Great App Marketing Resources To Check Out.

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5 Ways to Leverage the Affiliate Program

Now that you’re using affiliate marketing as a way to capture metrics and provide an additional revenue stream; you’re ready to jump in and start utilizing all that the App Store Affiliate Program has to offer!

In addition to placing affiliate links within an app, there are several ways to do this: paid promotions, in-house ads, social media campaigns, and links within marketing channels such as newsletters and email signatures are all ways in which developers can leverage the affiliate program.

In his second AppClover guest post, our CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Lakes discusses five ways to get creative with your marketing strategy.

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Article: Affiliation for Every Developer

While the App Store Affiliate program is certainly gaining momentum among marketing- savvy appreneurs and game developers, it’s still very much underused as a means to collecting all of your app-generated revenue.

Our CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Lakes recently wrote a guest post for AppClover explaining the benefits of Apple’s built-in marketing tool.

In addition to allowing developers to capitalize on additional revenue from an activity they already do — linking to the App Store, Lakes discusses the affiliate program’s lesser-known benefit: tracking. He explains how developers can easily and effectively tag their affiliate links, thus enabling them to capture valuable user intent data that already existed. This can all be done from within an app, without interrupting the user experience and at no cost!

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CEO – My Entrepreneurial Journey

“Keep moving forward. Keep innovating. If it doesn’t work, move on. Fail quickly. Whatever you’re going to do – just keep going…”

Once upon a time, GeoRiot was just a glimmer in Co-Founder / CEO Jesse Lakes’ eyes. A whitewater raft guide in Colorado by day, he lead thousands down the river – and never lost one! And as an entrepreneur at heart, he’d turn back to his laptop at night and continue work on his idea of the moment.

It was one of these projects, a book he wrote outlining the iTunes Affiliate Program, which caught the eye of the iTunes Marketing team.  Lakes was quickly recruited by Apple for his expertise and traded in his life jacket and side projects for his first ever cubicle, commute, and a regular paycheck.

Two years later, he passed on his dream gig as the Global Product Manager of Apple’s iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store Affiliate Program to pursue an idea that wouldn’t go away.

Recently, Jesse was invited to inspire budding entrepreneurs at one of IdeaMensch’s national IM48 events. Watch as he talks about bringing life to ideas, following your gut, and the evolution of ideas.


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Article: New iTunes Stores

Today, Apple launched iTunes Music in 12 new countries, Movie in 12 new countries, and Mac App in 32 new countries. The story from HypeBot: Apple Launches iTunes In Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan & 9 More Countries

To see all of the iTunes storefronts and media types sold in each, check out our iTunes countries map.