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PHG Expansion for iTunes Removes Tradedoubler by April


Today is marked with a quiet, but monumental announcement for the iTunes / App Store Affiliate Program.  The replacement of Tradedoubler, by PHG, for management of the affiliate program across the 39 countries in Europe and Latin America, finishes a transition started back in late summer of 2013.  With a two-month phase out period for Tradedoubler this final step to aggregate the whole affiliate program under a single affiliate network will come to a close in early April of this year.

 Additionally, another six countries in Latin America were added to the affiliate program.  This includes Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Venezuela and brings the total countries where affiliate commissions can be earned across the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks, or Mac App Store to 94 worldwide.

What’s this mean for you?

With regards to the six new countries added, no action is necessary on your part. We’ll automatically update your account to include these new Latin American countries.

With regards to switching from Tradedoubler to PHG you have two options – manually update your account at your convenience or do absolutely nothing and have your account automatically updated just prior to the cut-off for affiliating with Tradedoubler.

To manually switch the affiliation for countries from Tradedoubler to PHG follow these steps:

1. Jump into the GeoRiot dashboard, go the “Affiliate” page.

 2. Click “Remove” next to the countries listed under Tradedoubler.

 – You’ll then see the “removed” country show up in your PHG list.  Your GeoRiot links will automatically start honoring this change within minutes.

 – If you have any Affiliate Overrides you’ll want to repeat #2 for each Tradedoubler override.  It’s easy to see what Groups have overrides on the “Groups” page.