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Powerful Tools for Amazon Power Users

At GeoRiot, we absolutely love talking to our clients because it gives us insight into the creative and interesting ways you’re using the Amazon Associates program. It also helps us continue to build and refine how we support the incredibly diverse integrations that we see for our clients out in the wild.

With that in mind, we’re excited that we were able to really geek out for this last round of improvements and build some tools for our Amazon Associates power users. Here’s some stuff for the geeks:


Honor Existing Associate Tokens

If you’re using our JavaScript snippet or the “Quick Build” format to globalize and affiliate your links, by default we overwrite any affiliate tokens we see across your site with the ones you’ve added in your GeoRiot account. This ensured you got credit for any sales from your site, even if the tag was incorrectly added before.

However, if you have a site filled with editorial content such as product reviews added by multiple editors, chances are you’ve created multiple Amazon Associates tags to keep track of clicks, commissions, etc. per editor. Using our Snippet, you can now honor the default tag added to your links across your site, ensuring those editors continue to get the credit they deserve for helping you earn those affiliate commissions.

“How-To” Guide.


Supporting Sub-Tags

If you’re one of the lucky few Amazon Associates who have been given sub-tag support, we understand that it’s important to make sure those sub-tags are passed through even when the link is globalized. So from now on, regardless of how you implement GeoRiot (Quick Build, Snippet, Amazon Link Engine plugin, etc), we will automatically pass on all of the sub-tags we find on your links – even for the international storefronts. So – if you have sub-tag support in not only your base country, but also your international accounts you’ll be able to continue to track those metrics that are important to you.

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Affiliate Tag Overrides by Link

By default, you can set your Amazon tags up in your GeoRiot account to be “account wide,” meaning they are automatically added to each link you create. You can even take that a step further and set group overrides to have a different tag per group. But – you can now take that a step further and manage which affiliate tags are used per link using our “amazon-ids-by-cc” parameter for Quick Build links. This means super granular reporting and direct control over exactly how each of your Amazon links are affiliated.

“How-To Guide.”

We’re always happy to geek out about how we can further improve your workflow and support our ever-expanding audience, so if there’s another tool that would make your life easier let us know.

Team GeoRiot.