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How Increased Earnings and Streamlined Their Amazon Affiliate Strategy with Geniuslink

This is a guest post from Joan Pasay, a nutritional therapist who runs the site to help women around the world prevent diabetes. Joan uses Geniuslink to keep this site accessible to all, free of cost.

It’s no shock to anyone that Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise and a lot of people are getting sicker rather than healthier. So, it seemed like a no-brainer for my company,, to go online with our ‘Women Only’ Diet and Lifestyle Diabetes Prevention Programs.

Power in the Group

Using the freemium model made sense, so we knew we had to recoup some of the operating costs with affiliate income. No problem! We’ll just sign up for Amazon and our affiliate issues are taken care of.

Yeah right!

We already had woman followers from all over the world! How was this going to work?

This tidbit of info took the wind out of our sails. Especially since the plug-in remedies seemed mickey-mouse and we didn’t want to go there…

After making about 50 links for various supplements, kitchen tools, and fitness devices, we quickly realized generating links, keeping track of all these links, and measuring them would be a nightmare! We also didn’t want links a mile long in our Facebook posts, and shortening links is just one more step when you’re reacting real-time to leads! We didn’t need that extra headache…

Previously, there wasn’t a simple way to get country-specific affiliate codes to follow a link, meaning that if we referenced a link for an product, but if a user was sent to the UK site and bought the product, we wouldn’t earn the commission.

Amazon now has OneLink, a built-in feature to solve this problem for the US, Canada, and the UK, but we wanted to receive affiliate income from every country we had an affiliate account with, no matter which Amazon site the affiliate link originated from. Amazon OneLink wouldn’t be able to do this for us.  

Late one night, in a simple act of desperation, we searched online for a glimmer of hope and a solution for what now seemed like a total gong show. We were launching in a few weeks and this affiliate stuff was just getting to be a bigger and bigger issue.

Perhaps by divine intervention or just good searching, we stumbled across Geniuslink. It seemed too good to be true and like a dream! All our problems covered by one service? Really?

    • Automatic Global Link Translation? Check! (no more lost affiliate income!)
    • Automatic Link Shortening? Check! (short links, here we come!)


  • A/B Testing? Geniuslink had me with the Global Link Translation feature, but this was going to be awesome!
  • Insights, Reports, Conversion Measurements, Tags? This was going to make my data guy drop his spreadsheets and get that giddy laugh when he sees more reports!

This was like Christmas! BUT! When I downloaded the Geniuslink Chrome Extension, I almost started crying! Not in sadness but with unbridled joy and relief!

I actually went into one of my partner’s office and said, “You are not going to believe this…I can generate Amazon links in about 2 seconds…I don’t even have to log in to Geniuslink to get the link! This is going to help me so much with our Facebook Group.” (Ok, I actually said some happy-swear-words too, but you get the picture.)

Fast forward 11 months and this Amazon affiliate stuff is a walk in the park.

Just the other day I posted an Amazon one-day-sale item in our Facebook group. The link was for a sale on Amazon Canada, but ALL our affiliate income for that day came from Amazon US! It also only took me about 30 seconds to get the link and make the entire FB group post. How cool is that?

Geniuslink, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have truly made our internet lives so much easier. Every day, when I’m helping another lady desperate to reverse her Pre-diabetes… and I use that Geniuslink Chrome Extension to get another Amazon link... and paste that link into our Facebook group…I am so grateful I found you guys.


Joan Pasay, Diabetes Prevention Expert

Joan Pasay, Diabetes Prevention Expert

Chief Health Officer,