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Preserving URLs – On Click Support Now Available

We recently wrote about using short links with Amazon and addressed the topic of compliance when using linking tools with Amazon’s Associate program. While it’s entirely safe to use the Genius Link service with Amazon links, our new feature for the Amazon Link Engine and our Javascript snippet, “Preserve URLs until click time” gives clients another option in customizing the performance of their plugin and providing more transparency to shoppers. This new feature shows the original Amazon product link while shoppers hover their mouse over a link or copy the link. However, when the shopper actually clicks on the link, it’s converted and our automagic link localization and affiliation comes into play.  

Advanced Options

Amazon Compliance

We are strong advocates of being transparent with your site visitors, and while we encourage you to include a mention of Amazon on or near the call to action of an affiliate link, we understand that this isn’t always possible. In these situations allowing the original Amazon link to show in the status bar on the bottom left of the browser window is the next best thing. While Amazon doesn’t have a specific guideline as to how links need to be formatted we’ve gotten numerous reports from our clients that the Amazon Associates client support have given this behavior the okay (but it’s always best to double check for yourself!).

Better Conversion Rates with Raw Amazon Links?

While we haven’t seen proof either way, we’ve heard that showing the original link in the status bar when a shopper hovers over a link can help aid in conversion rates. We’d love to hear from you if you find this to be the case or if you notice a difference in conversion rates when a shopper is shown the original link.


It’s always important to test! That’s something that we firmly believe here at Geniuslink.

To ensure your links are being correctly converted you can right click on the Amazon product link and “inspect element” to pull up the HTML of your page. You should see a “data-geniuslink” key/value in the HREF tag. The value of this key will be the long “Quick Build” link format that the link will convert to on click.

Compatibility with VigLink & SkimLinks

This new functionality for the JS Snippet, Amazon Link Engine, and iTunes Link Engine plugins remains compatible with both VigLink and SkimLinks, however, it adds in a layer of complexity as far as which plugin will convert the link first.

Each of these tools uses a similar process to convert the link into their format when a shopper clicks. Depending on various factors, the Amazon link might be picked up by one of these other services, instead of Geniuslink. A tool like “Link Redirect Trace” will help check to see which link affiliation service is used if you are using multiple ones.

To ensure everything is set up correctly be sure to do a quick test!

We hope that this new feature will not only give you peace of mind but also provide more clarity and transparency to your shoppers on your site. Please reach out with any questions you may have, along with any and all feedback.

Happy linking!