We are so fortunate. Many of the best affiliate marketers in the world use Geniuslink to monetize their work. Last year we launched an initiative to do a much better job of proactively reaching out to our clients to learn more about their businesses and how we can better serve them. So our CEO started reaching out. We were blown away by what we learned, not just as it relates to our technology, but about how sophisticated our clients were in building unbelievable affiliate businesses.

Our CEO wouldn’t shut up talking about what he’d learned. We decided that his head is not the right place to store such valuable information – more people should know these important lessons. So we’re starting a very simple interview series, asking our clients and partners questions about the lessons they’ve learned in business and more specifically, affiliate marketing.

Then we’ll launch their answers as part of an ongoing interview series on our blog. The questions are below, once completed, simply email us at Thank you for partaking. We’ll be happy to link back and help you promote your affiliate project.