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Promoting Amazon’s Black Friday Deals with Geniuslink

As an Amazon Associate, you’re probably getting geared up for Amazon’s 2016 Black Friday rush. Last year, Amazon alone counted for roughly 36% of all eCommerce sales on Black Friday, so it goes without question that November 25th presents a great monetization opportunity for all Amazon Associates.

And since Black Friday has become an international phenomenon no longer isolated to the US, it’s important that your Amazon Black Friday affiliate links are optimized for your international audience. If you’re a savvy Amazon Associate using the Genius Link service to geo-localize your Amazon links, you’re already a step ahead of the game. However, it’s important to know that the service isn’t able to “auto-magically” globalize links to  Amazon’s Black Friday promotional pages like we can with products links (links that include an “ASIN”) through our patented link translation. This has because Amazon has created a unique landing page to promote Black Friday for most of their different global storefronts.

Creating Global Amazon Associates Links for Black Friday with Geniuslink

No need to worry. If you’re hoping to promote Amazon’s Black Friday deals by sending your users to these pages, the Genius Link service has a great way for you to create a single affiliate link that will work for all of Amazon’s Black Friday promotional pages worldwide through our Advanced Targets feature.

All of Amazon’s different Black Friday promotional pages for 2016 are listed below:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Italy:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon Canada:

Amazon France:

Amazon Mexico:

Amazon Spain:

To create a single intelligent link that will route every person to the correct Black Friday page for their specific country, follow these steps:

Head to the link creator tool located in the Links section of your Genius Link Account.

Geniuslink Dashboard: Links

Select “New” to create a new link, and from the drop-down menu select “Advanced” to create a link with Advanced Targets.

Your Links: Advanced Options

Then specify Amazon’s unique Black Friday promotional page for each country by entering the specific URL for each country.

Geniuslink Dashboard: Specify Amazon’s unique Black Friday promotional page

Once you have entered a destination for each country where Amazon has a promotional Black Friday page, your link should look like this:

Amazon Black Friday Links

Note: The URL for the Amazon US Black Friday promotional page has been specified as the “Default” destination for this link. This means that anyone who isn’t in one of the other specified countries will be directed to this destination.

Click “Save” and your intelligent link for all of the Amazon Black Friday promotional pages is ready to go!


Monetizing Amazon’s Black Friday

This link can now be shared as you would share any of your Amazon Associates links with your audience. Just be sure that you’ve added your Amazon Associates tags for each country you’re promoting to the Affiliate section of your Genius Link account, and you’ll be earning commissions on any items purchased after someone clicks on these links!

As always, if you have any questions about promoting Amazon’s Black Friday or getting the most out of your links, feel free to reach out and we’d love to help you make the most out of Amazon’s 2016 Black Friday event.