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Room With A View: GeoRiot Gets A New Office

There are lots of ways you can measure the success of a startup. Growth is a key indicator of any healthy company and, in the land of startups, it’s usually accompanied by change. Well, here at GeoRiot we’ve been experiencing all of the above and it’s been an exciting couple of months.

Aerial view of a work pod in our new Seattle office.

After releasing our new site complete with refreshed branding and a sleek affiliate linking interface, we decided it was time to makeover our workspace as well… The only problem was that Jesse’s monitors were taking up all of our decorating real estate.

After spending countless afternoons visiting office spaces all over Seattle, we finally found the perfect new home for GeoRiot. So we unplugged our monitors, untangled the Ethernet cable / extension cord knot behind Jesse P’s desk, packed up the office wet bar, and bid farewell to our beloved attic office.

This new office has been a long time coming for those of us who have been with GeoRiot from the beginning. It started out as a cross-time zone collaboration between the Jesses (Jesse L. in Colorado and Jesse P. in Seattle), and but your favorite affiliate-linking platform has had many homes in many places throughout the years. Perhaps it’s fitting that our product is about serving links to all corners of the world, as we ourselves have done a fair amount of globetrotting. In addition to Seattle, we’ve helped serve your links from coffee shops, basements and attics in Colorado, Delaware, California, Maryland and Montana.

No GeoRiot reception area would be
complete without our riot logo!

Now, after getting the internet connection up and running (first things first!), several trips to IKEA, stocking the new fridge and turning our Facebook Cover image into one badda** wall mural, it’s starting to feel like home around here at our new digs in TechDwellers in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

While we were at first disheartened by the building’s no dog policy, a killer skyline view and a host of new faces have more than filled the void left by our canine companions (besides, the doggy day care next door is a whole lot more fun). In addition to welcoming some new members to our own team, we thrilled to be sharing a building with so many exciting startups (Content Harmony, Sound Telecom, VenueLabs and Skillet to name a few).

So, while you may not notice a difference in the quality of service we provide, you can take comfort in the fact that we’re more comfortable while providing it.

*Until you can make your way to our new digs for a tour of your own, our intern Joey has put together a virtual tour just for you!*